Saturday, August 29, 2015

Keeping With A Theme

These two pictures were taken just seconds apart the other morning.  While part of the reason they appear so different is how they are framed - the top one focused more on the low land and the second including more of the sunrise - the sun "rises" just as quickly in the morning as the moon appears to "rise" at night.  



Auntie Reg said...

Very nice. I appreciated the fog with a sunrise. If I would get up earlier I could see the fog over the river valley, always breath taking.

Bonnie K said...

How peaceful! I love it. We have had a lot of fog here also. Actually, it is probably smoke from the West Coast fires.

Terry and Linda said...

Peace! Love it!


Unknown said...

Agree with Bonnie, smoke from fires and THEN we had a massive DUST storm. You can't win!!

Michelle said...

I always like these foggy, early morning scenes. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

I need to revisit my camera manual. Not very pleased with the way mu pictures are turning up lately. Far too much exposure....I love these two shots. I find it very rewarding to photograph in such foggy conditions.


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