Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Stills - Your Best Shot(s) Of 2012

2012.  What a year.  I started working my way backwards through the blog Saturday evening and almost quit.  And I again thought maybe I might just not only quit reviewing photos, but maybe the whole [darn] thing.  But I was reviewing the year sitting on the couch with a sweet baby lamb and her cat sleeping next to me and just this morning took one of my favorite pictures of two of my very best friends playing in the snow and while we've lost a lot this year, there's oh so much more to all of this...and I took a deep breath and scrolled on.

From yesterday's Snow Boys

I love the red and white dog and the red and white sheep.

I like the sharpness of this shot and the light reflection twinkling in her eye.

From Leaves For Leontien

Boy, a week later and the dreaminess of this picture is really startling.  And somewhat comforting.

From A Baker's Dozen

I like how it looks like Ewen is telling everyone a story :-).

From Holding Down The Porch

From Every Night

Good friends.

I wish this was a picture of me.  Cute lil Blossom.

From Springtime Sheep

Everyone was happy...and all still together here.  Ewenice is just outside the fence.

From Sunday Stills - Transitions

Nice texture.

From Snow Melt

From The Sheep Snow Shots Show


For more best of Sunday Stills...


  1. Smiles and tears.... Thinking of you, friend.

  2. I love Story Hour and Jester catching the snowflake..good photos all!! Packed with memories..isn't that why we take photos to capture the moment so that some day we can say..I remember that..and we can smile:)

  3. So many times this year I have started to leave a comment, and failed to find the words. I do want you to know that I really appreciate all that you share on the blog. Your photos are wonderful, and the animals a delight, but most of all it's the glimpses of your generous spirit that make me cherish every post. Thank you. Bless you.

  4. Lovely, REAL photos... thank you.

    Happy new year

  5. All beautiful shots, but I think I liked the two sheep shots, Springtime and Snow. :)

  6. I'm glad you are not quiting. It was a roller coaster year for you - losses balanced by saves. Thank goodness for you and your camera (and your very big heart)!

  7. Excellent pics, you just keep getting better and better, like a fine wine..:-))

  8. Well I have just started reading your blog in the last week, but I have to say its one of my favorites. Your pictures are amazing and I hope to be able to read and see more in the coming year. :)

  9. Another beautiful set of shots, with a totally different mood. What a hard, hard year. Sharing a tear, sending a hug.

    Wishing you a peaceful and comfortable 2013.

  10. One of the reasons I take so many photos is so that I will have them to remember by. You have some wonderful moments in this set of photos.

  11. Lovely pictures. Now on to 3013!!!!!!!

  12. Okay, that would be 2013! Im in warp speed. :)

  13. These are wonderful! I just love the cat on the porch, but they are all great!

  14. Job well done. Can't pick a favorite.

  15. I hope you never quit the blog. I came across it a few months ago and have been an avid follower ever since. I must have read most of your posts by now; this is how much I like it!

    Hard to choose only one favorite picture...the "Story Hour" may be it for me.

    Thank you for sharing and best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

  16. I can't scroll back through mine at all so I applaud you.


    I still want that Shetland, she's gorgeous.

  17. Once again, great photos, love them all, so much personality in all of your critters and you managed to capture it in your photos.

  18. Oh what a beautiful set! You are such an amazing photographer. Great shots!

  19. So many memories captured at just the right time. Sometimes there are no do-overs in life. Be thankful that the camera was there to capture the now to be able to deal with the unpredictable future. What wonderful photos to cherish. Thank you with all my heart for sharing them

  20. All wonderful pictures.. I could not pick a favorite... I'm so glad Maisie is still with you and sleeping with "her" cat!

  21. Cloverleaf and Alice have both expressed what I cannot.

    Love all the pics and stories you share.

    I know where you will be at 3:25 Central this afternoon - Go Pack!

  22. Beautiful, I had the same problem, it was really hard to pick out the best ones!

  23. How can you possibly choose? I love all of your photos!
    So glad to see that great photo of Jester again.

  24. I cannot imagine how difficult it was for you to go back through photos and recall how things were during this past year. All beautiful images from your life.

  25. You can't give up now, we all want to watch Maisie and her cat:) I know it's been a terrible year, but thank you for sharing all of it, the good and the bad.

    Here's hoping for a much better 2013. Happy New Year!

  26. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF MY DEAR FRIENDS FROM FAR FAR AWAY. I hope you have a lovely time dancing in your fields. Love from Sherbet Sheep x

  27. Ditto what Alice said. You had a terrible year, no pretending you didn't. But now you have Maisie and she's coming along fine considering her start in life and 2013 is still all shiny and untarnished so let's look forward to that and we'll hope to tiptoe through the year with NO losses.

    All your pictures are amazing. I can't pick a fave although I'm partial to Comby on the porch. But no, I can't pick just one. They are all beautiful in their own way. You have an awesome eye.

  28. That's a great series of pictures. My favorite is the on of the cat Holding Down The Porch. Adorable.

  29. Wheres the calendar wheres the calendar??? Your shots are amazing as usual!!!

  30. I've missed a lot of your posts...apologize...but your photos are always awesome!!! I've enjoyed scrolling this mornin' with my coffee.

    I need a sheep ;~)


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