Friday, December 7, 2012

A Rainy Day Nap



"Is someone staring at me?"

Betsy, looking pretty intently at those comfy blankies under that heat lamp ;-).


  1. Everyone should have a cat and lambie in their kitchen.

  2. The lion (kitty) lays down with the lamb. Hey, it could happen:-)

  3. I could snuggle right up in those blankets with that sweet lamb. The cat would just have to get over it.

  4. I want to get my sleep mat out and join in!

  5. I'm loving the daily little lamby shots.

  6. you know, if I had a lamb like Maisie, i would be watching her day and night just to ooh and ahhh... my house would be trashed...

    wait a second, my house is trashed and i have no lamb...

    *hey I need an "excuse lamb" from santa - pronto...*


  7. She sleeps so sweetly and beautifully. Woolly little angel!

  8. Oh.....what an angel........

    They always look like very expensive little wash cloths....... :)

    That looks like a great place to take a nap!

    In Other News: I hate posting links on other people's blogs and I don't know if you've ever seen it....but YouTube the Brook's Brother's Christmas ad with the wee lambs singing Jingle Bells. Your heart will melt! :) (It's also posted on the Sisterhood of the Goat Facebook page if you can't find it. You simply MUST see it!)

    Merry, merry!


  9. She is just the cutest lamb ever! I love your daily updates. Thank you for sharing!


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