Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not So Grate Akshully*

So we had those darling pictures of Maisie sleeping with Betsy a couple mornings last week. How nice that a cat with no kitty friends and a lamb with crooked legs and falling out hair could find each other and snuggle down together for a long winter's nap. It was like the perfect little Island of Misfit Toys :-).

Until two nights ago. When Betsy lost her mind.

Around midnight I heard Betsy at the door. I got up and let her in and, noticing there were only about 30 pieces of kibble in her bowl (oh the horror), she decided to let me know about that (in her normal fashion) and took off ripping around the house, jumping in and out of the kitchen (not quietly I might add), clawing carpet and couch and back thundering in and out of the kitchen, rinse, repeat. Maisie was scared half to death. 

I ran to reassure her that the world was not crashing down on her (like it sure all of us), tried repeatedly to catch Betsy (who was having none of that), finally Betsy settled down (I thought), we all went back to bed.  More thundering in and out of kitchen, baby crying, run to comfort, try to catch the psycho cat, save all time best ever but now discontinued fabric (read irreplaceable) couch, comfort baby, finally grabbed Betsy by her tail as she flew past...and tossed her outside. Back to bed.

Two o'clock feeding. All is calm... Climb back in bed and Betsy comes to the door. I figure she's gotten it all out of her system and let her in.  Big. Mistake. Here we go again. This time when I finally caught her I maybe didn't gently toss her out the door. And this is where she was found the next morning (taken through the window).

Cherry Pickin'

Apparently Betsy's good behavior is directly proportional to how much it's raining...

She made two attempts to get in last night.  I just pulled the covers over my head and went right back to sleep.  

And I didn't feel the least bit bad about it. 


  1. Wow! What a ruckus. I hope you had at least a little good sleep? Our 4 cats go a little bonkers like that sometimes, but luckily never at the same time! :) I take it Betsy dislikes rain a little? lol.

  2. Oh Betsy!!! Here I've been rooting for you to get a spot in the kitchen and now you've ruined it with your bad behavior!!! You may have to join Bad Kitties Anonymous to fix this problem.
    I'm shocked! Maybe it was a full moon? :-)

  3. oh heavens to Betsy...
    you just cant keep the feral in, can you barn kitty ;)?

    We have isabel - shes 14 now. Had her as a kitten when I found her in the hay mow in November at the horsebarn where I worked - brought her home 6 weeks later as her brothers were beating the * out of her. she was the runt and even now barely weighs 4 lbs - a supposedly cute tiny gymnast senior citizen cat...

    TO this day, you cant pick her up without it being like a stranger danger test (weve known you for 14 years cat, i even knew your MOTHER!!!)... if you try when shes sprawled out relaxed you cant pet her for too long without getting bit/scratched... she'll give you a heart attack stalker run past you in a dark hallway, then stop to lick her paw like "what?"... while you sleep she sleeps on your head without you knowing and then bites you HARD when you try to id whats on your head in the dark... and when she kills mice in her psychopathic mafia cat style, she leaves behind just the teeth and nose with whiskers, always, in a hidden state - like in your shoes...

    "barn cats" can take the cat out of the barn, but you cant take the barn out of the cat...even if you bring them in at 6 weeks...We know this to be true, oh how we know...

  4. I bet Maisie thought the world was coming to an end. There is nothing like a psycho cat. And what is she (Betsy) thinking? That, if she sits still long enough, no birds will realize there is a giant cat in their bath?

  5. Cats think like no other animal. You probably shouldn't turn you back on her. :)

  6. Calico's are "tetched". Fur sure. One of mine is nearly normal. One, whom I have known since she was a kitten many years ago, will not let you pick her up. Petting is only allowed if you are sitting down somewhere and she comes up, screams at you to put your hand down where she can reach it and she walks back and forth under your fingers touching only what SHE chooses. And. You are forbidden to look at her or talk to her while she is self-petting.
    Srsly...calicos ain't rite...but they sure are interesting..and "purty"...

  7. Poor Maisie! Lambs don't like the crazy - unless they start the mad dashing, then it's OK. Psycho kitty. The conflicting colors on her fur must be the outward sign of multiple purrsonalities.

  8. We are lucky that our cat sleeps at night. But, when we get up in the morning, it is ON! She bounces off of everything! But, we don't have a small little sheepy trying to sleep.

  9. oh dear...that is all I can say...oh dear

  10. There's only so long that a cat can be good....

  11. Goodness- we're not cat people. Just dogs! But around here when a four-legged animal acts like that, someone always says--- "Must have rabies!"
    I've even heard that said that about the 2 legged kids when it's full moon and they act crazy -- "Must have rabies!" :-}}

  12. Oh dear! Your house too. Yoda, the senior cat who has no teeth and is so thin he resembles a furry piece of paper, started it. Rolly and Max followed suit. I's safer to go outdoors! Too many claws on the fly!

    Miss Maisie, you'll learn to ignore her. After all, she's sitting in the bird bath with her tail getting quit wet. What does that tell you?!

  13. Calico kittys march to their own drummer..we had one once..she was the Master of her domain..and us. She hated everyone that was not family and would trap neighbor kids in the bathroom..and in in retrospect she wasn't so bad. :)


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