Monday, December 17, 2012

Funny Maisie

Quick post. Having a special needs bottle lamb right before Christmas? What was I thinking... ;-)

Maisie's doing great.  She weighs over six pounds now and her bald spots are starting to grow back. Have tried three different kinds of leg braces though and not having any luck. One more in the mail hopefully today or tomorrow, but if those don't work, we're just going to have to hope she grows up big and strong and everything straightens out. 

In the meantime, here are some cute Twitter pictures in case you missed them and I'll share a funny story.  

Maisie, like all the lambs except Naughty Keebler, went to church yesterday. All except Naughty Keebler seem to enjoy going to church...and we can now add Maisie to the Naughty list.  Her first Sunday she only wanted to be held by me.  While I tried to play the piano.  I do have to admit that holding a lamb while playing Away in a Manger might have made that the sweetest Christmas song of all time, but you are three weeks old now, Maisie.  You love your Auntie Reg and can sit with her quietly for a few minutes.

Maisie doesn't usually say much.  I have to set my alarm to get up to feed her at night because she's never figured out she can yell at me to wake me up when she's hungry.  Trust me, that's a first.  There's usually nothing louder than a hungry lamb.  Maisie though?  Quiet as a church mouse...until she gets to church.  Even though I was right there next to her, she yelled through the songs, the prayers, started in on the sermon and I evacuated her to the crying room aka front porch.

"Thank God!" she said as she hopped off the stairs, down the sidewalk, across the driveway, and Right To Our Car.  Very deliberately and not by accident.  She knew which car was ours, where we'd parked and she stood there at the driver's side door, waiting for me to scoop her up to Go Home.  Lambs are not dumb.  They might have to answer some questions when they get to heaven though! ;-)

The now obligatory "teefers" shot :-).

Checking out Peabody's food bowl.  Peabody is an old Border Cheviot wether.  She completely bosses him around.

Obviously not taken today. 

Maybe this cat will work out for her ;-).

Have read a couple excellent books while babysitting.  Will try to share later this week.

All lambs have their own sheep quilts, right?

She's slept through the entire Christmas card experience, from painting to mailing.  And she's of course on the card this year :-).


  1. I kinda felt that way about church when I was little too:)

  2. I needed this so badly this morning after such sadness this weekend... thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. I am soooo enjoying following Maise.
    She is such a wee miracle.......
    I am so glad that you are sharing with us. :)


    The Goat Borrower

  4. I'm so glad that she made it on the card!

  5. Have you tried giving here selenium? With us having a very low supply around here, sometimes that will help crooked legs. At least it does in goats. She's looking better though! Yay!!!

  6. AHHHH (that is my scream of joy) What a cutie! I can't stand it! Blessings from Wisconsin.

  7. At least she knows which car is yours! Loved the precious under the quilt.

    I eliminated anon. comments too, and was able to give up "prove you're not a robot."

  8. Just when I thought I was cuted-out, there was the teefers pic. Followed by the ExtraLarge/ExtraTiny pic. I feel so much better. Thank you.

  9. Maisie is too funny!
    She sounds more like a two legged kid instead of a four legged kid!! Whoops - lamb!! Bet she would be happy with you wearing a sling with her in it!

  10. Maisie was just singing the Baa-leluia Chorus!!

  11. If she already knows which car is yours, you know what's coming next...she will want the keys! Maybe she'll enlist Graham Lamb to help since she won't be able to reach the pedals. I'll bet 20 would get in on the action too, maybe to go pick up some snacks for the next Packers game!

  12. I was just thinking the same as Sheepmom! Hide the keys!!

    the teefers are adorable. But, the Peabody-Maisie shot is my all time favorite!She is so tiny! But you kind of get the impression just from her posture that she has Peabody wrapped around her little hoof.

    I'm guessing that the legs will be fine. I've had a couple with bentish legs but they have either straightened or don't bother.

  13. I'm pretty sure they'd be headed out to buy smokes if GL was involved ;-).

  14. Better watch out, this little lamb has Personality! She is going to be opinionated, and will quickly rule the roost...err, farm. Mark my words.

  15. what were you thinking? now now lets review...since i've known you i think this is generally how it goes huh? you LOVE IT.

    Hope her little feet straighten out. she is lucky to have you. better get back to work though , she's gonna need braces for her teeth! lol.

  16. Love the size comparison with Peabody.

    My girls took 2 lambs to a Christmas pageant once in Civic Auditorium (of course there was a loud echo for rehersal) .... and of course they were very vocal, the young choir director told the choir those lambs said they sang BAAAAAD ...... Ended up taking 2 grown goats for the night of the performance, much quieter.

  17. So funny that she knows your car! What a smart lottle girl. She still looks mighty tiny.

  18. Isn't she young enough to hang out in the playroom during the service ;)

  19. She is one smart little lambie! I hope you find a splint that wrap with padded cardboard? Sam Splints are moldable plastic and come in a roll..not sure if that would work for you or not. I had a kitten one time with splints..they can develope pressure sores that get was terrible..and he died from an infection..he had two broken back legs.
    Will she be a bit gimpy if her legs don't straighten out..or a lot gimpy that it will effect her quality of life.
    Glad to hear she made it on the card:)

  20. Sweetness and joy! Love her.

  21. Aahh,
    My daily dose of Maisie. I feel better now. Thank you. She knows which car is yours? She's only 3 wks old! I can't believe you could find a 3 month old puppy who could do that. Is she unusually "gifted"? Amazing.

  22. She is rotten.
    She is smart.
    She is cute.

    I see BIG trouble, mama.

  23. Any chance the acoustics in the church bother her ears -- or is she just being a stinker?

    Go Pack! 2012 NFC North Champs - YES!!!!!

  24. She is so cute, really good to start the week off looking at Maisie. Reminds me of taking care of a small duck during Easter, Pablo is grown now and is a joy to watch every day. Ellen from Georgia

  25. That first pic cracks me up LOL!!
    I always thought the lambs toofies reminded me of chiclets :-)

  26. I clicked on this link which dates back to Christmas 2012, on your post today (10 March 2014) I needed to see who Maisie was. Now I know. What cute shots and what a lovely story about sheep in the church service. I love the Sheep Quilt! Off to your current post. Jo


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