Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Two Birds...

I posted five pictures to Instagram and tried to just embed the post here, but I don't think all the pictures were going to come through so I've copied and pasted it over here mostly to let you know Rebecca Boone is still fighting and maybe showing a little improvement and also a little Liddy and Woody to make you smile.  Those bad Mooses though... ;-).

* * * * *

First an update on Rebecca Boone- she’s still fighting and maybe a little better this morning. Thank you for all the prayers and concern. I love how we take care of each other. It matters. 

If I’d read forward on the Fiberuary list I would have held off on my pictures from the other day because I actually nailed several challenges that day . So I’m not just sharing the same pictures for days, I’m going to combine a few challenges with this post, which also gives me a little more room to keep my focus on sheep care.

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7 - Close Up, WIP, Outside, Technique. 

The close up of my work in progress that I was knitting outside looks complicated, but it’s not! Only one color per row and the patterning comes from a simple slipped stitches technique 

I included a picture of Liddy because... Liddy . The two Moose thugs pillaging my knitting bag while I was rescuing the short dog who was on the wrong side of the gate. And the muddy hoof print at the top of the super close up . Oh, and that’s Woody, the king of close ups.

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Michelle said...

Hang in there, Rebecca Boone! And the rest of you: keeping cheering up the shepherd lady!

LannieK said...

Great photos! Good to see Liddy girl.
How are you both doing? Hang in there ~ Cheers!

Goatldi said...

Good shepherdess aka sheep Ma! RB show us what you’re made of tough ewes always bounce.

Love your knitting project. For some reason missed your explanation of what you have on the needles.
Knit on 😊🌹

Terry and Linda said...

I'm glad she is hanging on! Prayers for you and her.

Karen at longwell said...

Crazy day here but going to your blog and "visiting" you brings me calmness and peace - and an overwhelming desire to knit!
So glad Rebecca Boone is mending a bit and that the others gather round to "help"...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope Rebecca Boon is doing better! Sending good thoughts your way! Those boys are stinkers, I would be afraid all my stitches would be done for and my needles eaten:):)

Shirley said...

Just catching up.... sorry to hear about miss Rebecca, hope she pulls through. You knitting is beautiful, so fulfilling for your wool to be such a part of the life of your farm from start to finish. You are knitting memories.


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