Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Leap Day Bunny (And Friends) Party!

There's a new bunny in the Wool House!  Meet Christopher Bunny and his tiny pocket friend,  Comby.  Christopher Bunny came as a kit from Barrett Wool Co.  

The pocket friend was supposed to be a tiny bunny, but since Comby helped us knit, I modified the pattern to make it a cat.  I dyed the kit's white yarn to (sort of ) match Comby.

Christopher has a darling fair isle sweater and he's also supposed to have a pair of green and white striped pants...still to come, I think, although I like him with just his sweater, too.  He (and his sweater, jacket and pocket Comby) was a fun knit.  The kit yarn was really nice and the pattern was very well written and I learned a couple of new techniques - a very nice Christmas gift :-).

 As I was posting progress pictures on IG/FB several folks chimed in that they, too, were making a Christopher Bunny, so just for fun we are going to have an online Leap Day Tea Party this Saturday!  

I don't really remember hosting tea parties as a little girl, but for some reason the first thing I think of now when I see cute rabbits (and other animals) dressed up is "They need to have a tea party!" @auntiereg and I set up a cute party for our Miss Maggie Rabbits last summer and now that I've started my Christopher Bunny and several other friends have as well...yep, we're gonna need to have another tea party! . 🐰 . Being rabbits, the obvious party date is Leap Day. Leap Day...rabbits...get it? 😆 But this party is not just for rabbits. All animals are welcome! If you are working on a new friend or have thought about trying to make a new friend, use this as a push to give it a try. Already finished yours? Perfect! Not a crafter, but you have a special stuffed friend who'd like to come to the party? He or she is of course invited too :-). . 🐰 . On February 29th, Leap Day, post a picture (Instagram or FB) of your party guest and tell us a little bit about him or her if you'd like, especially if vintage... Use the hashtag #leapdayteaparty so we can all find each other. If you've used a commercial pattern, please share what it is. If the design is your own, let us know. 😀. 🐰 . This is just a fun party and not affiliated with @susanbanderson or @barrettwoolco or @aliciapaulson or any other of the delightful designers who inspire us to knit, crochet, sew and needle felt all these sweet stuffed animals. . #leapdayteaparty #carrotcake #missmaggierabbit #christopherbunny #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram #stitchersofinstagram #needlefeltersofinstagram
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You don't have to be an IG or FB user to participate. If you'd like to just email a picture of your party guest, Christopher, Comby and I would love to meet him or her :-).  You can also just play along at home ;-).


karen said...

so so so adorable! I love the wee little cat in the pocket :)

Cheryl West said...

Christopher Bunny is beautifully outfitted and party ready. (love the carrots in the pocket).
Have a grand day.

knitski said...

All of this is too cute, too fun, too adorable! I love it!

Karen at longwell said...

Made me smile! I love the two friends who will make such wonderful hosts! And I am also thrilled that your blog is back to appearing on my bookmark :-) Off I go to look for some animal buddies to come to the party!

Anonymous said...

i'm a sucker for any version of comby, but also really love the bunny's green/white sweater. the design kinda-sorta resembles an ohio star quilt block. --suz in ohio

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh so sweet! Have a great leap day!

Fiona said...

What wonderful creations♥️


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