Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Brat Tuesday

Contrary to Comby's opinion, Big Moose is not really a brat.  He's actually a very sweet sheep.  He's just exceptionally curious...and tall ;-).  New puzzle!


JaneJMtl said...

Goodness! Big Moose looks like a (smallish) bear in these photos. Glad to know he’s really a sweetie, but Comby, you keep right on showing him who’s the boss. ;-) I had to chuckle at the other two sheep, who were too busy munching to pay any attention.

You take great photos, Sara!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think he's a real character and couldn't be sweeter.

sophy0075 said...

Is Comby boxing Big Moose on the ear😆?

Far Side of Fifty said...

I can see this post on my IPad but not on my desktop computer. strange for sure. Your critters are always entertaining

Cheryl West said...

Comby is telling big Moose to mind his manners.
Your photo certainly brightens my day.

Anonymous said...

Farside : I had the same problem since Monday.

I am using Chrome, googled a bit and found a suggestion for clearing cache ... clear browsing history etc. that seemed to have fixed the problem. I had actually cleared alot of old data last week so I didn't have much accumulated since then. It was only the most recent entries, I could see entries from two weeks ago.

M in NC

Anonymous said...

Farside: I have to clear cached images and files each time, or the blog screen blinks and vanishes. The Clear is only good for one pass.

I have also noticed that instagram is not displaying the two most recent thumbnails.
If I click the 3rd older picture, I can left-arrow forward to the two most recent and view.

I need orange said...

Maybe Big Moose is trying to figure out how to sit on top of the fence. :-)

Terry and Linda said...

What sweeties


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