Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Another Colorful Hat

After making the Forest for the Trees hat using the white Lamb Camp Legacy yarn, I started looking for a pattern to highlight the medium gray yarn.  This Agate Cove Hat popped up on my Instagram feed and I knew I had my next project. I could feature the medium gray, but also have fun with all three colors :-).  

The designer says "This hat was inspired by the variety of beautiful agates that can be found in some of the pebbly coves here in downeast Maine."  Hmmm, I don't have an agate, but I do have a rock from a beach in Maine...and it happens to look almost exactly like the colorwork!  

Actually, in looking at this picture, I think the hat also matches the now perpetually damp stone at the Wool House.  What a muddy wet winter.

The pattern called for worsted weight yarn and the LCL yarn is DK weight (and the dark gray/black might actually be closer to sport weight now that I've knit a little with it) so I did a gauge swatch and then did an easy calculation to determine how to adjust the pattern for the thinner yarn.

The colorwork looks complicated, but it's not.  It's done with slipped stitches so you are only using one color per row ever though it looks like two.  I learned this trick with the Voe Hat a couple years ago and it might be my favorite way to work colors now.  Definitely beginner friendly!

I knit the hat to the full suggested height, but thought it looked a little too "slouchy" for me, so I took out a few rounds and shortened it just a bit.  I also added some tassels to the top.  I don't know what possessed me to think of that, but I like it.  I wrapped each tassel with a different color just for fun.  

See!  I can do colors ;-).

*     *     *     *     *

There is plenty of all three colors of yarn available in the Farm Shop.  Even though I probably can't resist making something small with the dark gray yarn, I promise I won't knit it up all myself :-).


Far Side of Fifty said...

Such a cute hat! Love the tassels too! :)

sophy0075 said...

I love slip stitch! Your hat is splendid!

knitski said...

I went and bought this hat pattern right away! Your hat came out great and I love your tassels. Nice touch! A slip stitch is a rather magical little technique that yields a wonderful look in any project. This design will help with "The Year of the Stash!"

karen said...

beautiful hat and I love the way you finished it on top. I like those colors too.

LannieK said...

Hat came out really cool. Like the tassels :-)

I need orange said...

Nice work. No hat puzzle? ;-)


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