Saturday, February 8, 2020

Our 15 Minutes Of [Snow]

We enjoyed it while it lasted :-).

Mini Moose and Chocula

Big J aka Jared

Mini Moose and the little darlin' ;-).  

Big Moose.  He's just so fun to photograph.  What expression.  

Chocula, Tessa and Tabitha.  Chocula was picking hay of Tessa's back.  I'll have to up his pay :-).


Petunia and Tessa


Vandermolen said...

I enjoyed my Sunday morning picture show. All academy award winners.

Terry and Linda said...

Loved seeing all the wooly friends. Wish I could be there to feed them cookies!

knitski said...

They all look happy in their brief moment of snow. We are in the throws of a real winter with so much snow and some pretty ridiculous cold temps! As long as I am not hot in humid conditions I will enjoy this long winter!

LannieK said...

They all look like they are enjoying the snow - I'll send more your way!

Cheryl West said...

A lovely series of photos. Jared is just too funny with his "whatever" look.

sophy0075 said...

Better than the Oscars. MUCH better! My favorites of big and little screens!

(Who's going to eat the hay from around Big J?)

Jean said...

Lovely pictures as usual!
We got 9.5" of snow today -- would love to share!


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