Friday, July 5, 2019

The Post You've Been Waiting For

Yes, Big Moose and Mini Moose now live with us :-).  Also Big Moose's mom and one of her friends.  We are still playing around with names for everyone.  Big Moose probably works, but Mini Moose seems like a name you might not want to live with for the rest of your life.  

Big Moose

I was worried that he wouldn't "tame down" very well as he's always been a bit bug eyed and flighty, but he was the first to succumb to cookies and scratches :-).

Big Moose's mom.  Also known as the "smiley ewe" from a post from last year.  She and I partnered up last year after I took her picture out in the field.  Interestingly, I have a file picture of her saved from 2014, so I must have always liked her.  I need to pull out an old Lamb Camp calendar and see if she was featured in there.

The two boys are best buds.  That's Big Moose on the left and Mini Moose on the right.  I love that he still has his distinct stripe.

We have had just miserable hot and humid weather for over a week now.  Just. Miserable.  In order to quarantine the new sheep, we had to put them in Del Boca Vista...which is really nice in the winter...and miserably hot in the summer.  I try to never put sheep in there when it's hot.

The two tents set up between the DBV shed and the barn are an attempt to add some shade for them.  The front gets blazing sun in the morning and the back/side gets cooked in the afternoon.  Everyone seems to be getting along okay, but we all wish the weather would break :-(.

Mini Moose.  I love his coloring.  It's almost like he waded in a black stream that came up to his belly while his top coloring is silvery light gray.  Both boys have lovely fleeces :-).


The Dancing Donkey said...

Big Moose and Mighty Moose keep running through my mind:)

Michelle said...

Well, I for one thinks Mini Moose works just fine -- even if he's just as big as Big Moose! ;-)

Linda said...

How about Big Moose and M&M?

Sheepmom said...

That Andy says 'how about Moose and Squirrel'? Sweet blended family. :-)

I need orange said...

Thanks for the intros. :-)

I like Mini-Moose, too. I like the sound of it. It sounds like Latin or something. Those mmmmmmmmms. :-)

And as for his darker lower bits............

"I washed my fleece
in dirty water.
I washed my fleece
but it didn't come clean.
I tried to doooooo
like my daddy told me, uh huh.
I must have washed my fleece in a dirty stream."

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Terry and Linda said...

Wonderful! I always, always love it when you get new sheeps on the farm!

KP said...

Yay!!!! It's so much fun when you introduce new sheep friends!

Cheryl West said...

It's wonderful to see the new family and friend. Beautiful coloring on those mooses and a lovely smile on Mama.

I wish every day that your weather would cool down. You need big ice blocks to sit in front of your fans.

sophy0075 said...

I think Mini Moose - or M&M would both be wonderful name choices. (Honestly, M&M doesn't look too much smaller than his bro' now; he just took a bit longer to grow). I'm glad you adopted Mrs S too.

Gosh, M&M *does* have a lovely fleece. Multicolored - my favorite. Instant tweed without trying or plying. :)

I hope all are/stay well (despite the ridiculous temperatures) and enjoy the rest of the flock when they can be introduced. How lucky Mrs S and the Emms are to now live at Equinox Farm! All those four leaf clovers to eat - the farm is definitely magical.

Anonymous said...

Geeze you really like to leave us hanging on don't you? Nice addition
to your flock!

Far Side of Fifty said...

What interesting additions, you never said why they came? Maybe just cause you love them! Big Moose, Brother Moose and Mama Mama :)

Shirley said...

Yay glad you got them all, and love the smiley mama!
Mini Moose has ombre colouring! And I agree that Mini Moose is not doing him justice, he doesn't need to live in the shadow of his big brother. So, to honour his very cool ombre fleece may I suggest Hombre for a name? It has a bad ass ring to it!


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