Monday, July 1, 2019

Excuse Me?!?

"I ain't riding a bike nowhere in this heat!"

...and the 2019 Tour de Fleece is already heading off the rails ;-D.


sophy0075 said...

100F predicted here this week. Plus the incredible humidity. Ugh. And I’m not encased in fleece.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is AWFUL!!! Am melting just thinking about it. We are NO where near that, like 25 deg no where near that. And a bit of rain thrown in for good measure. France has had it rough also, 114 in the south. ARGH

knitski said...

We are having wonderful weather here in Montana. We might even get more rain towards the end of this week which is perfect as in the west one never says "Oh it is raining again!" anymore we are all thankful as can be! Hope you get some cooler temps!

Cheryl West said...

High 80's and humid here in CT. I wish for cooler temps for you, the wooly ones and the riders in Europe.


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