Sunday, July 28, 2019

Golden Oldies

My original paragraph started by stating "Renny is the youngest sheep in the Golden Oldies group...", but I wanted to make sure about Rebecca Boone and then started checking everyone and, yikes, time has flown.  

PPPP is 14, Ewen is 12, Billy Belly is 14, Rebecca Boone is 11, Woolliam is 11.  At 10, Renny is not the youngest sheep.  That would be B. Willard, who is just 9.


Ewen McTeagle.  It seems like just yesterday you were terrorizing the cat food on the back porch.

There's a new puzzle :-).


Tee said...

How special it is that you give them a place to feel safe and well fed. It took me a long time to read through Renny's history. First to tell myself that I wanted to read it and then I could only take it in small doses. Thank you from all of us animal lovers in the world for taking care of her and the rest.

Michelle said...

Joy today, heartbreak to come. :-/

LannieK said...

A lot of all time favorites! They are so lucky tp be there with you ~ And you share them with us!

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh! I've been with you and your lovelies for a long time. I love all those gorgeous sheeps! Hugs

Laura L. said...

A testament to how well you care for them! Love the oldies.

sophy0075 said...

Oh, gosh. So many senior citizens. Enjoy every day with them. Oh gosh.


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