Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Quiet Corner

I first learned about Green Renaissance back in the winter from a post on Mason Dixon Knitting.  I've since watched almost all of their videos.  I try to parcel them out one per lunch, but on days when my heart or head is so very tired, I may watch two or three.  They are something you might like.


katherine littrell said...

Thanks, Sara. I needed this today.

R's Rue said...

Thank you.

Sandy said...

Sara, thank you so much for sharing these videos! I watched one and knew right away this is something I need to watch regularly and something I need to share with my children!

Delrene said...

Thank you for this recommendation. Wondermant truly lovely. I needed the message today. I will listen to more.

Claire MW said...

Wow, I'm going to enjoy these. Thank you for sharing. I just watched Beauty Within, and I cried. I think I need to watch more of these.

sophy0075 said...

Oh, thank you! They look as soothing as a cup of milky tea with honey and a cookie.

It probably sounds crazy, but I've been watching YouTubes posted by Leading North of the Nordland Line train running in spring, summer, fall, and winter. I imagine I'm knitting or spinning and occasionally looking out the window at beautiful scenery. Here's "Winter" - with all of these 90+F temps, we need it!

If I'm not feeling totally brain-dead after work, I'll watch an episode from The History Guy. These are short, interesting snippets about mostly forgotten (but deserve to be remembered) history.

Because I love cats of all sizes, I watch (and donate to) Big Cat Rescue. This big cat preserve is based in Tampa FL. If you can ever visit them, do! They also rehabilitate bobcats and rescue kittens. If you only watch one YouTube from BCR, watch this one!

Finally, have you seen FLANK's videos of his mum and her farm? Here's the first episode. His mum's the best!

karen said...

well didn't you give me a new rabbit hole to fall into?? Thank you!


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