Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sneaking Up On Frogs

I am loving my little frog pond.  Do you see three frogs?  You have to sneak up on them.  They're a bit jumpy hahahaha ;-D.


I need orange said...

Jumpy. :-) :-) :-)

karen said...

I just fished out a toad from the pool yesterday morning and he was feisty! He hopped about not being grateful for the save...Love your sneaky shot.

Goatldi said...

Too much fun!

I am finding little guys everywhere this year. I think our 100 year floods brought the water table up and encouraged the population explosion.
I also have a family of toads. Quite large and very friendly. Garden mascots 😊

Terry and Linda said...

We have so rarely a frog or two here. But we do have toads and I adore them. I love your pond!


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