Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Friends...With Assigned Seats

Remember how I painted all the Jacobs sleeping together on the right side of the barn in the Christmas card?  They really do all tend to sleep there.  There actually being the aisleway stall...which is the furthest to the right in real life.

Blossom is sleeping in there with them right now.  She picks a spot for awhile, then moves to another spot and then when she's tired of that spot she moves again...  I should keep a note of how many days she stays each place, just for curiosity.  The "T" in this picture is not actually a "T".  That's Clover Belly.  

Clover Belly stayed with her mom, Baby Belly, her whole life, the way Muffin did with Mrs. Pepperpot.  After Baby Belly passed, Clover Belly just sort of drifted.  No one ever picked on her (Baby Belly saw to that early on ;-), but she didn't really seem to have any close friends.  

I'm not sure why that was and I don't want to speculate on all the reasons that might factor in.  I'm just happy to see six T's now, whether out in the field or napping together in the sunshine.  It's nice to know which table you are going to sit at for lunch every day :-). 

Don't get excited.  It's not sunny here.  I took this picture last week before the weather changed.  Sigh...


Cheryl West said...

Blossom is being cat-like changing her favorite spots. Does she follow the sun?
It is very nice to see that Clover belly has found her group.

Grey Horse Matters said...

No matter where they chose to sleep they're all comfortable and secure. Great picture.

sophy0075 said...

As a kid who dreaded lunchtime because she had no tablemates, I am VERY glad for Clover Belly.

Terry and Linda said...

When Mom is your best friend it's hard to move on. I'm glad the T's are finding each other.

LannieK said...

Aww... those "T"'s. Adorable! Blossom looks more than comfortable 🐑


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