Friday, January 18, 2019

When We Last Saw Our Heroine

...because, oh yes, you KNOW it's going to be Maisie ;-)...

"Maisie!  How did you end up on the wrong side of the fence all by yourself?"

"Wrong side of...wait...what?"

"Oh, bleep.  How did this happen?"

At this point I can't decide if she's scared or embarrassed, but she is headed out!  I assumed she was  just going to rejoin the rest of the sheep...

...but she sashayed on past them...

...tail swinging... sassy as you can imagine...

...all the way back to the herself.

"I'm taking my dishes and dolls and I'm going home!"

Yet another reason (in a long list) why we all love the little darlin' :-D.  Go back and biggify the closer up pictures.  That more reason ;-).


  1. First of all -- I thought it was going to be Biscuit -- but Maisie does fit the story better -- especially when you biggify the pictures and click through them fast that tail is NOT a happy one - LOL

  2. Reading this at 4:30am and laughing my head off!! "Leave her alone and she'll come home wagging her tail behind her." ;)

  3. Oh and the look on Kate's face!! She be like, "Not my circus, not my monkey." 😂😂😂😂

  4. I wonder if she’s so height challenged she can just scoot under the fence where the ground dips.

  5. I should post all the pictures as a flip book :-D.

    "Not my circus..." - for the win :-D

    She can't get under anything. She's just directionally her mom ;-).

  6. Oh how I love Maisie

  7. I’m sure she absolutely meant to be where she was! Very funny gal.

  8. What a cutie, although, I am sure you were NOT supposed to find out!

  9. She's got that... "dang, you weren't sapose to see me here! Can't a girl just go out and wander a bit..." look on her face. Still lovin' Miss Maisie!

  10. She wags to the beat of her own... tail...

  11. She is the BEST.......of everything :) Yes, that mouth says it all!


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