Wednesday, January 23, 2019

That's Using Your Head

This was yesterday morning.  It was cold, but sunny and no wind, so...perfect!  Today it's "warm", windy and rainy and the blue skies and white snow have been replaced guessed it...more mud.

While this looks like a rather boring picture, there's more to the story.  If you look closely (sorry it's so dark), Frankie is laying down sleeping in his stall.  Right near the front, overlooking his hillside.  Altogether now...aww...isn't he cute :-).  Let me back up a bit.  

When the temps drop into the single digits, I don't even try to start the old ATV that pulls the small manure spreader.  The manure freezes as well, so even if you could go out and spread it on the fields, the frozen chunks stick together, hit the tines and fly out, usually aimed at the back of your head.

I'd turned Frankie out 24/7 so he could keep moving around all night and stay warmer.  I still fed him in his stall though and was keeping an eye on it.  If it got too messy, I could always pile it up and then spread it after it warmed up.  I was happy to see it was staying clean, thinking he was just pooping outside.

Yesterday morning, as I walked past all the open stalls to carry his hay down to the end of the barn so he could eat next to his sheep friends, I just happened to glance into Hank's stall, the middle one.  It was completely buried in poop.  Frankie had using Hank's stall as his litter box, keeping his own stall nice and tidy.

Poor Hank...but I've got to give Frankie credit for using his be a bit of a butt ;-D


  1. Poor Hank! He *defintitely* deserves to be comfortable and guard from the barn!

  2. Hahahahahaha. I love horses with the toilet habits of alpacas. They're just so tidy. All the poop in one dedicated pile. Poor Hank. Frankie looks like he's on track for a perfect life. The only other tiny little thing he needs is a buddy. :)

  3. That’s pretty smart if you think about it. Not neighborly but smart.

  4. It's no wonder Hank isn't fond of horses!

  5. Oh, that's just too funny. Smart horse. Poor Hank. LOL.

  6. Animals are endlessly fascinating. I did not know that horses would use a specific area to poo.
    Does Hank get a new stall for himself?

  7. Such a smart and tidy horse. You picked a gem!

  8. Well, Hank has his own stall inside the main barn next to the sheep. He was using that last night. He'll probably not want to use his outside stall when Frankie is loose. He tolerates Frankie, but he's not going to want him walking in on him when he's trying to sleep ;-).

  9. LMAO! No dummy that Frankie. SO funny........

  10. Now that’s a thinking horse. Very smart but poor Hank.
    It has been up and down weather, it’s making everyone here a bit crazy.
    Keep well and cozy.....and ‘poop’ free🙂

  11. Poor Hank...that Frankie is a smart horse:)


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