Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tough Old Ladies

We hit -1 around 6:00 a.m.  We've had colder nights over the years, but not with so many elderly sheep, cats, dogs and chickens.  The wind during the day yesterday was brutal, but thankfully it died down in the evening and the 10:00 barn check wasn't bad at all.  There is a fun video over on Instagram, but it will only stay up for 24 hours :-(.

I'd put up heavy plastic on the west side of Easy Breezy and closed their door.  That helped a bunch with the wind and I did several hay feedings throughout the day.  Allie is going to be 15 this spring and is horribly thin.  Even though she assured me she was Just Fine Thank You, I felt better putting a coat on her.  

Does it look familiar?  


Remember dear old Miss Ewenice taking such good care of new arrival Renny?  Remember Renny's story?  Well, only newer readers won't remember her story.  

Hard to believe Renny is in the Easy Breezy pen now.  Not that she's exceptionally old and definitely not because she's thin, but because the other side of the barn all slopes downhill and her injured legs are starting to give her some trouble.  EB walks out onto a flat paddock.

When I put her old blanket on Allie I wondered what she would think.  Would she remember it?  She didn't.  She was scared of it.  Or of Allie wearing it.  None of the other sheep cared.  I wonder if they remembered seeing that blanket years ago?  Renny wouldn't have actually seen it, wearing it...

Speaking of blasts from the past, Allie is one of Elizabeth's daughters, from well before the blog.  Her sister Amy is still living as well, over at the original Crazy Sheep Lady's farm, and she, too, is wearing a coat this winter.  

All those tough old ladies :-).


  1. Has it been that long since Renny arrived into your care? Wowza! I love the old ladies.

  2. I should have left Kaala's coat with you when I came down. It might have come in handy for one of the other older sheep.

  3. She looks very fashionable in her coat. Crazy weather all over the country.

  4. I love that Christmas card. Time flies faster than toboggans!

  5. Cute shots of your tough old dears!

  6. I wonder if it's possible that Renny could smell something that reminded her of the bad old days on that coat.

  7. Allie seems comfortable despite her wobbly legs and being a skinny mini ~ just totally forgot she was a daughter of the queen. Renny is just flat out amazing! She had taught many a lesson and shared much love ~

  8. You are such a good Sheep Momma...I love how you take extra care for everyone.
    Very cold and extreme heat is so hard on animals (and plants and people) but you are right there making everything as good as you possibly can.

  9. Once again, I feel my heart swell with deep admiration. Luckiest sheep on earth!

  10. When I went out to check the barn this morning at -4, so bundled up, I could hardly walk, I found my sheep lazing about Outside. They rather looked at me like I was wacko for not rejoicing in the glorious weather.

  11. Yes Renny is one lucky sheep...EB should suit her well...poor old girl and bad legs I can identify:)


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