Saturday, September 23, 2017

Walking Up To Let The Chickens Out

I usually just take my iPhone with me when I walk up to the barn at dawn to let the chickens out. It died though just after I snapped my "letting the dogs out view from the porch" picture and the sunrise was looking spectacular so I grabbed the big camera.

When you hear "up with the chickens", that's the truth.  The chickens go to bed well before it gets dark and are complaining mightily if I get out there after the sun has crested Stella's hill.  I could have set the camera exposure so the pictures appeared "brighter", but I decided I wanted to record what it actually looked like.  

This is my morning walk.  It's not always this colorful and foggy, but it's always beautiful.  The first group of sheep like to get up with the chickens as well and I usually can just hear them (Andy's bell), not see them.  Want to walk with me?

"Y'all stay here.  I'll be back in a minute."

You can just barely see Hank (look at the top fence plank).  Everyone stood at the gate and waited.

This is pretty close to the right amount of light.

This is too light.  It makes a difference if you are metering off a white sheep or a black one.  Your camera wants to take the best picture possible so if you aren't watching, it will brighten things up for you.  The easiest thing to do before coffee is adjust your exposure compensation.  

Hank's made it all the way out and is headed back to the sheep.

Double checking something.  The sheep are all still waiting for his "all clear".

The not quite as early riser group.  Again, a little too bright.

"All clear." 

This exposure is just right.

Part of the Nistock contingency.  Not the earliest of risers haha ;-).

But when you do get up early, it's always a good trade.  That's a bit of an inside joke...although, since she put it on her blog I guess it's actually more outside :-). 

Good morning!


Mrs Shoes said...

Really lovely photos. I love how the sheep wait for the All Clear.

Cheryl West said...

Really lovely, all those soft colors and your morning routine. Hank is truly just the best dog ever!
Weaslie and the kitty parade is very sweet as well. Everyone doing their job.

I need orange said...

So beautiful. Thank you for taking us along.

I like the mix of exposures. It's nice to see the dreamy misty ones, and it's nice to see the sheeps in more detail, too. :-)

Shirley said...

Lovely pastel mornings :0)
Interesting that the sheep wait for Hank's All clear.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful early morning photos:)

kathy dahn said...


Anchor Cottage said...

"Out Of Africa" good. So glad you had the big camera in your hand.

Terry and Linda said...

Your sunrise and mist are just stunning! Mist is a very rare occurrence here...usually as a fog and only if the weather is just right. Which comes once in a great long while!

Beautiful, Sara!

sophy0075 said...

I love the range of “commuting” times. And all of the commuters (not to
mention their security officer).

LannieK said...

Gorgeous mornings you are blessed with and you have captured them perfect! I love the fog. Isn't it amazing how in sync Hank and his sheep are... Sweet!

Karen Haggas said...

Thank you for taking us along! I could almost feel the mist in the air....

Billie said...

How absolutely lovely! A very unique post. Thank you for sharing. Most enjoyable!

The Green Dogs said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful morning with us! I love your little morning routine, and Hank's security sweep of the area!


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