Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Return Of Summer

We are headed back to the upper (!) eighties for the next several days.  Trying to not be crabby think positive.  1. I do like the flowers that bloom in the summer.  2. Maybe the cotton will have a better chance at finishing out.  3.
Two things.  That's all Weaslie and I can come up with.

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Lady Fi said...

Awww - cute shot! Enjoy the sun while it lasts...

Michelle said...

We're supposed to start a warmer trend, too, but only up to 81 at the most, mostly in the 70s. I figure it will let me harvest the remaining garden produce and pull weeds from the softened ground, and have some pleasant rides in my now well-watered arena!

Susan said...

I feel like Mother Nature finally woke up and said - Wait! I forgot summer in August so I am putting it back in now! I am not a fan of 80+ degrees in September. Not at all. But I do wish your little cotton plants well... :)

ElaineChicago said...

Mid-nineties in my 'hood today and tomorrow. Love little pink doggie paw pads!!

I need orange said...

"It's that much longer before I have to think about where the sidewalk may be icy when I walk"?

Nope, I don't think it being 88 now will have any effect on that.

I can't come up with three reasons to be glad it's hot, either.


At least you have sheep to snuggle up with, to console yourself. ;-) ? ;-)

Cheryl West said...

I'm sorry it's too hot for all of you again but at least your cotton looks beautiful.
It is gray and windy but mild here in CT. We just have to worry about what bloody hurricane Maria is going to do and HOPE it does stay off-shore.
You and the sheep should knit in front of one of your big fans.

LannieK said...

Near 80° here, with the lows this weekend dropping into.... the 30's! Oh my! Who needs tomatoes???? I have a gazillion!

Denny Gross said...

So apparently now decorative (fake) cotton boll stems are racist. Not kidding, just Google cotton boll and Hobby Lobby and see the controversy. This is where I say, Some people need to get a life.

Terry and Linda said...

Lets's switch for a spell... I'll flip our cool (almost wet) weather over to you and you can push your summer back to us. We need the summer for two more weeks.


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