Friday, September 22, 2017

That Andy

That Andy...  In case you don't remember back to when and why Andy came to our farm, he was "the rogue lamb" at Final Frontier Farm.  He wouldn't stay with the other weaned lambs and Kathy was constantly having to pull him out of the ram field, the young ewes field, the older ewes field...  I was there for one break out and I didn't see how he did it either.

I figured that would stop when he got here because we have four plank fence.  Pretty hard to slip through that.  He did.  I figured it would stop when he got bigger and, um, fluffier.  It didn't.  He's been here almost two years now and it would be hard to get much bigger or fluffier.  I haven't seen him out by himself in awhile.  Turns out that was only because I hadn't locked him out of anywhere in awhile.

I've locked the sheep out of the front field for a bit this fall to give it a rest.  I leave a gap in the gate by the barn so Hank can come and go.  It's just big enough for Hank.  Even tiny Tavia can't get through there.  The fences are all in good repair since the painters were here last month.  There is nowhere for Fat That Andy to get out.

Dingalingalingalingalingalinga...  The helpful bell.

Oh for crying out loud!  Why are the sheep out in the front field?  Did I leave a gate open last night?   


Just one sheep.

I knew it was Andy, but zoomed in just to...oh, I don't know why.  I knew it was "the rogue lamb".

Do you see Hank having to pull double duty watching both fields?  You'll have to click to biggify. Hmmm, this would make a nice new puzzle ;-).

It sure was a beautiful sunrise this morning.

And I don't really care that Andy is out there.

I'd just like to know how he does it!


Benita Story said...

Maybe you need to rename him Houdini.

sophy0075 said...

Poor Hank! Nerve-wracking for him, to be a watchdog for an escape artist.

Maybe get one of those collars with a tiny camera on it, like naturalists use on wild animals. Or a closed circuit camera like some parents use in their babies’ rooms; that might solve the Andy Puzzle. Well, not the puzzle you’re 🤣 devising for us

Cheryl West said...

Maybe his fleece has extra lanolin to make him slippery and he glides right through.

Michelle said...

That puzzle was easier than I was expecting – much easier than figuring out Andy's tricks!

Michelle said...

Hank is on the job, no matter what!

Terry and Linda said...

An escape artist sheep! Good Hank!

knitski said...

Ah, love the early morning mist and the one sheep who has to keep everyone on their toes! I can relate to enjoying that morning alone!

Shirley said...

Put a go-pro camera on him!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes what Benita Story said:)

The Green Dogs said...

Magic! Either that or he can jump really high.


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