Sunday, September 17, 2017

Knitting With Muffin

These were actually taken last week, but it's been a blur around here.  I'm now actually on the fifth and final section of this pattern and I'm hopeful to finish it this week so I can start the Elizabeth shawl and have two new wearable items for the Kentucky Wool Festival next month.  

Even though the pictures are a week old, you gotta love a sheep who's interested in knitting ;-).

"This doesn't smell anything like Count Chocula, but it IS pretty."

This is the Starshower Cowl/Shawl.

Biscuit was more interested in eating.

Still side by side.  And, of course, a new puzzle :-).  



Cheryl West said...

Isn't it nice to have company while you knit? Starshower is a stunning pattern especially with your homegrown wool. Happy knitting days.

sophy0075 said...

Looks belly! It's all lovely- the wool, the yarn, the knitting, the sheep, the farm, and the sky! We are lucky that you share this with us! Thank you. One day I hope to make it to the KY Wool Festival and see you and whoever sheep friends you bring.

kathy dahn said...

Looks like a great knitting spot! Thanks for the name of the pattern, it reminded me of a wip half finished Star Shower Cowl that's hiding. If I get it back into rotation it should be done for cold weather. Ooohhh - another puzzle, yea!

Susan said...

That is a beautiful pattern! Can't wait to see it finished (and modeled...)

Terry and Linda said...

Gotta love your sheep EVERYDAY! All day long!!! Someday I hope I get too in person!

LannieK said...

It's always nice to have company that's interested in what you are doing ~ as long as they don't chew it :-)

karen said...

beautiful wool!


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