Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Tilly Appreciation Post

Tilly has had as much fun with the new sheep as Kate.  Corgis are actually a herding breed.  I think they are more cattle dogs, but I don't really know that for sure.  Most Corgis I know are best at herding food bowls ;-).  Luckily Kate is very kind to Tilly.  All her "help" would probably have pushed another dog over the edge.  

The noble shepherd keeping an eye on those dastardly sheeps.

Time to come in.

Kate makes a big loop to pick them up.  Tilly cuts the loop in half and swoops in from the side ;-).

Barking her fool head off...  We all prefer Kate's management style ;-).

Looks like they are getting sassy.

And now one is missing.  Where are you, Tara?

"I'm right here!"

On watch.

I'm not sure if Tilly knows they are starting to get too far away or she's just listening to Kate (note her ears). Truthfully, I think she knows they are starting to get too far away.  She does have some concept of what is going on besides just chasing Kate around.  If she would just stop that infernal barking :-o.


  1. The best entertainment there is ~ watching sheep and dogs . Who needs t.v. when there are such sweet dogs to snuggle and lovely spotted sheep to watch ? Love this post.

  2. Kate may get her trained yet! (on the sheep herding; I'm afraid the barking is a lost cause)

  3. I think it is interesting that she seems to be paying attention to Kate and trying to mimic what Kate does. And the barking? Well, she's a Corgi. Bless Kate's patient heart!

  4. Miss Tilly looks like she is having a blast! Bark n'all... She is the main assistant to Kate after all :-)

  5. This reminds me of Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney. The bigger, quiet one who gets the job done and fixes the messes the little noisy one (constantly) makes.

  6. You are right, Corgi's are used on cattle. Some of the feedlots in Alberta use them- better in close confines as their short legs aren't good for long runs- and because they are so low to the ground, when the cattle kick out at them it literally goes over their head. So they can get in close without getting hurt. (Much!)
    I think border collies are good teachers, I've watched Tess teach the various young dogs I've had over the years. And they do work well in tandem with other dogs on a herd. I saw one video on Facebook where two dogs were working a heard of yearling steers and trying to pen them. The steers didn't want to move much and one dog was driving them while the other dog flanked- even sailing right over the other dog to get to the flank in time. Good stuff!

    1. Sheesh... *herd* not heard!!!!

  7. I think Tilly is a big help and Kate is a good sport. They're both adorable.

  8. They both look like they are enjoying themselves! The barking is very important...It lets the sheep know through their EARS what they are supposed to do! Tee Hee

  9. Tilly looks like a great dog and Kate is a real trooper!

  10. Tilly is trying So Hard to be a good herding dog. Kate is amazing - Tim isn't the only saint at Equinox Farm. ;-)

  11. It looks like summer in KY, all that green and sunshine. Kate is brilliant and Tilly so wants to help.

  12. They both doing such a good job!!! Love those beautiful pictures!!! Too cute:)

  13. I bet Tilly knows exactly where they are (and are not) supposed to be. It does look like she's taking cues from Kate, all the time. And it doesn't look like she's chasing them full tilt? I hope she's staying back with Kate as it seems she is from the pics.

    As for barking, well..... Corgi. :-)

    Thank you for sharing all of this with us. :-)

  14. Tilly would be much coveted in New Zealand, where one of the herding breeds uses barking to control the herd. Look up Huntaway breed. Yay, Tilly, I just adore that dog. And Kate, too, for being such a good friend. We all need good friends to show us the way.

  15. Tilly barks to make up for her lack of stature. If she didn't bark she would go unnoticed in the deep grass or snow. It defines her character of being short but mighty! Plus her barking is harmless . Gotta love Tilly. Kate could do the job by herself, probably unsupervised. She is one focused shepherding dog.

  16. Yeah Tilly! Kate is a good teacher and patient too! Some of the herding group bark...I think they get so excited they cannot contain themselves. (Much like the Shelties that spent the weekend here.) It is good for Tilly to have a job:)

  17. I love Corgis, but I think you've got a little Huntaway there! Ha!


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