Sunday, January 22, 2017

Okay, So It's Been A Crazy Couple Of Days

I was going to start this post with a let's walk up to the barn and see what's there...and realized it was quickly going to get really confusing.  So, let's back up, what, 36 hours, no 48 hours ago and start there.

Friday night 20 loaded up the truck and prepared to head out well before dawn Saturday morning. He's ambitious like that and isn't "afraid of fog" ;-).  

Obligatory fog shot for Auntie Reg...who is actually more afraid of having to get up too early ;-D.

And yes, those are mountains.  20 took us all the way to West Virginia, to Painted Rock Farm.  For long time followers, that name should sound familiar.  That's the farm Heidi, Henri and Ford came from, turns out many more years ago than I'd like to remember.

For anyone who's seen Ford out in Del Boca Vista and wondered why he was so old and feeble looking...turns out he's 15 years old!  How the heck did that happen?  And Annabelly?  She's 14.  So is Allie and Billy Belly and Baby Belly.  Heidi and Henri are 13.  And of course Jester, clocking in at 17.

I could go off on a tangent about how old Saint Tim and I are and how many more years we can reasonably expect to be able to maintain a farm and flock, but it's getting late and I'm going to cut that portion short so I can finish this post, go make a final barn check and go to bed.  

Suffice to say that if we were going to add any new Jacob sheep, this would be a good time to do it. Getting an odd mid-January "break" in the weather enabled a safe run out there and Mike and Cheryl had exactly what we were looking for.

20 made sure everyone was securely tucked in and reassured that everything was going to be okay and we headed home.  Five or so long hours later we pulled in our driveway to find the lights on out front, the gate open and some friendly faces waiting for us.  

And now we've come to the point in this story where things get a little weird getting new sheep is completely overshadowed by other awesomeness.

Yes, that is a giant metal chicken.  A 7' tall metal chicken to be exact.  He was waiting in the dark behind the closed barn doors for me :-D.  I was startled, but not scared.  I was more excited that it was finally my turn to get surprised (he's been making the rounds of the neighborhood since Thanksgiving) and his sign completely made my day :-).  

Everyone quickly settled in for the night, the next morning came too quickly and before I knew it I was walking up to the barn in the fog and we are back to where we started with the first picture. Except now you won't be thinking "What the heck?  Is that a giant metal chicken???" 

He stood guard all night :-).

Yes, those are Christmas lights and yes, he's exceptionally awesome when he's plugged in and all the lights come on...which they don't do so well anymore, but I'm guessing we can should get some new ones on winter clearance.

His sign :-).

Welcome, new sheeps!

"When do we get to meet them?"

You won't get to meet them for a little while, Petunia, but I'll better introduce them all to everyone else tomorrow.  


Jean said...

Not sure where my first comment went - but it was late last night . . . that is "SOME CHICKEN". I didn't realize the Jacobs were all senior citizens. Welcome to the new crew - they have landed in an extremely wonderful new home! Looking forward to meeting them all.

As for our beloved Packers - they had a good run this season, and there is always next season to look forward to. Go Pack Go!

Benita said...

That is such an awesome story!! And new Jacob fleeces to drool over as well. So glad the trip was made safely. I can't wait to meet the new crew.

RuusVerd said...

Hey, if I'd known you were in the market for more primitives, I've got some very cute Dukelings you can have! ;-) Just kidding, just kidding, wouldn't want to ruin a friendship like that, lol.

New sheep look good! Primitives view all new things with great suspicion, but I'm sure they'll be very happy once they settle in!

sophy0075 said...

The weather has been, ah, rather weird, hasn't it? (biblical down here; fog was the least of it)(I'm with Auntie Rey about early morning, but the animals force me up anyway)

I've been noticing the ages of some of your flock creeping into the teens, especially the Bellies. I'm glad you've taken the plunge (ok, the drive) (if you were in the Low Country, it would be a plunge; our swamps are now lakes) and adopted more Jacobs. Spots rule! So do all those horns!

Sheepmom said...

What a nice group of sheepies! They have landed in a wonderful forever home and I'm sure you'll be repaid with many years of good fleece. It's tough when the whole flock becomes geriatric. Love the chicken!! Do you decide where he goes next or is there a higher power that controls that? ;-) Looking forward to many stories as you learn their personalities.

Cheryl West said...

Your new sheeps are a beautiful addition to your flock. All credit to you and Saint Tim that your other Jacobs have reached such advanced ages. I look forward to all the news about these new residents, their names and integration into the flock.
Very sorry about the Packers.

Unknown said...

New sheep! :-) Look forward to hearing of their personalities and adventures.

MeridianJacobs said...

Very cool homecoming! It's too bad that you couldn't get some California girls, but it makes much more sense to buy them where you did. Have fun with them!

Auntie Reg said...

Beautiful flock of Jacobs. They too sleep long hours to maintain their beauty.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Congrats on the newbies, I thought about some Jacobs but seem to have enough horns here destroying fences, but I do like the Dalmatians of the sheep world.

paula said...

I take the weekend off from the outside world and you got busy! Love the giant chicken and the Jacobs are so neat!

thecrazysheeplady said...

If it doesn't quit raining, he's going to be stuck in our barn forever :-o.

Shirley said...

Glad you had good weather for your trip- and that is one awesome chicken! I waited a few days to read these posts so now I must catch up on who is who.


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