Thursday, January 5, 2017

Almost Like The Christmas Card!

Everyone gathered around the feed trough!  Well, at least the "young whippersnappers" ;-). 

A big change from yesterday!

"Can I have a little hay?"

"No hay for you!"

Here's a puzzle especially for Patti :-)



  1. The snow is so pretty!! Nice seeing a change of the seasons!!

  2. What pretty pictures! I love the way you captured the snowflakes falling. Surprised Hank is letting Hickory and his sheeps be together. He must be feeling their happy vibes. Food conquers all!

  3. Love the pictures! We have the same weather. The snow is pretty but I'm a warm weather girl. Just stopping in to say Happy New YEar!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Lovely snow. We have about 3in. this morning, snow clinging to all the shrubs and trees. The sun is out now so it is all looking sparkly.
    Hank will not be pleased if the horses are getting his sheeps hay.
    Have a great day and happy spinning.

  5. I love your photos. I don't think Hank would have liked Hickory pushing the sheep away from his hay, though. Thank goodness it warms up again towards the end of next week.

  6. If you look again, Hank is definitely not relaxed about the entire situation. He's watching those darn horses Very Closely :-D. He knows he can't keep either the sheep or the horses separated if there is food involved though, but will intervene if needed. Seems to be a sort of truce called lately.

  7. Beautiful picture. The sheep are probably happier with the weather

  8. Would Hank actually attack a horse if he thought one of his sheeps was in danger?

    1. He doesn't exactly attack them, but gets between them and the sheep (or me if he thinks they are causing trouble ;-) and runs at them barking and growling. That is why I don't really like them to have access to each other as I worry he'll get kicked. However, they all seem to basically get along when it's cold and both horses are older and quiet and less naughty than say a field of yearlings... It tends to only be a problem when the horses get to goofing around and when that happens, the sheep all immediately duck back into their safe side, which then stops the need for protecting... Still, it's a concern.

  9. Beautiful scenes with all of that falling snow.

  10. A beautiful winter scene!


  11. It took me 33:55; now I need to get busy with housework so that maybe I have time for horsework!


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