Monday, January 23, 2017

New [Lambs] On The Block

I let, wait, let me back up, they let themselves out for a little yard time yesterday afternoon ;-). I had been planning to let them out after I got their new temporary quarantine pen set up.  They just beat me to it by a couple minutes.

Jacobs are interesting to watch.  They are considered a "primitive breed" which, among other things, makes them perhaps a bit more "wild" than, say, a Cotswold or a Texel.  Notice how tight they are gathered and looking all four directions before deciding it's safe to graze.  I doubt there's a Cotswold out there that would hesitate before eating haha :-).

Spreading out a little bit.

The sassy ewe looking at the camera is rapidly becoming a favorite.

They've never seen a Border Collie before, so Kate has her work cut out for her teaching them how to follow directions.  Kate is very kind and patient and they are catching on.  And, as they got bolder and headed towards the off limits back porch of the house, it was a huge relief to be able to send Kate to go bring them back.  Thank you, Kate!

Here's a colorful new puzzle :-).

Or two :-).


Names tomorrow :-).


  1. So how many ewes and how many wethers? Are they all 2016 lambs?

  2. Congratulations! I especially love the one with the polka dot legs. And just want to say what fun it is for me to find a new puzzle from you. Thank you for providing those!

  3. So exciting to see these new arrivals! Looking forward to your names. I know just what it's like to think of how old I'll be by the time the last sheep or goat passes on, and how many years I'll need to be able to load up and toss a load of hay off the truck!

  4. Those primitives, lol. You can't stop them, just slow them down enough to hopefully stay ahead!

  5. I love their speckled look!

  6. IT is interesting how they all stay together, and I love that one with " attitude" looking at you with the camera...such a beautiful life!!! smiles merri

  7. They look really nice! They'll be a great addition. It will be interesting to see how they integrate with the existing flock(s) and Hank. Can't wait to learn their personalities. Surely there will be one or two who aren't wild to the core and will like to get petted.

    1. I sure hope so, but I'm not holding my breath. That's where the Cotswolds really shine :-D.

  8. How cool! I'd wondered if you were phasing out the Jacobs, but am very glad you aren't!

  9. Their tight pack was the first thing I noticed. Gotta say it just amplifies how pretty they are. Maybe they know that. ;)

  10. Love them! What a nice new addition to your flock!


  11. Wonderful! The Polka Dot Sisters!

  12. Jacobs, yay! I love their colours. :)


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