Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Baby Daddies

Two posts in one day :-o.  Hey, I DO have a picture of the rams!  This was taken just after Christmas. I'll take some better pictures the next nice day.  This was just a quick snap.  I thought it was "cute" how they were all sleeping next to each other.  Once breeding season's over, they all go back to being friends :-).

Jared (left back), H. Mulligan (white North Country Cheviot) and Rocky (right).

Jared and Rocky came in from Nistock Farms last summer.  I'm not sure we have any Jared sheep on our farm, but if you look at Rocky, you can guess who at least one favorite son is :-).  We also have a couple Rocky grandsons, Andy and Levi.  Rocky's son Rocket was "the wool ram" at Final Frontier Farm the past two years.  Kentucky is turning into Nistock South!

Here's a (sort of) better shot of Jared, earlier in December, right after the fall breeding season ended. There will be a some more "wool" babies coming this spring and some North Country lambs as well. While the curly coloreds are "fancier", I thoroughly enjoy spinning Cheviot fleeces, too.  In fact, PPPP's medium length, medium crimp "down type" Border Cheviot fleece is one of my favorite fleeces to spin and also what I like to sell to beginning spinners.  
The out of season (summer) test breeding produced 11 lambs - three white, one gray and seven blacks.  We are not sure what we'll do with that first lamb shear next fall.  It's sure to be quite nice so we may offer raw fleeces...or we may do a yarn run.  Spinners and knitters stay tuned!  Which would you prefer?

And, here.  This should keep you off the streets and out of trouble ;-).  See, it pays to leave comments :-D.



Mary Ann said...

Great shots, as usual

Kathy Dahn said...

Oh goody, another puzzle! Since I haven't tried spinning I think yarn would be nice, or maybe try spinning! Love all the new lambs, just what I need at this time of year - gray, dreary and wet.

Sandra said...

:) nice that they can be friends! The two we have together are not being too bad...an occasional head butt.

sophy0075 said...

What would I prefer? Both fleece and yarn! A pack of, oh, say, a watchcap's worth of yarn and a pound of fleece. 😁Black or grey ( I have natural white and various natural moorits in my fleece stash already). How I wish I could be there for the lambs' first shearing. The smell of freshly-shorn fleece in the car - priceless!


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