Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tough Sledding

I should have used a big hill in this year's card because the painting (and writing and printing!) of the card this year was some sure tough sledding!  I'll do the full reveal on Monday, but for anyone who's finished with their decorating and shopping and making and baking and has their house clean and laundry caught up and bank deposits made and gas bills paid.....or is just looking for something to do instead of all that and would like a sneak peek...

Nope, I didn't make it easy on you, but hey, we are all fighting through the deep drifts together here, right?  ;-)



  1. Thank-you! I enjoyed the puzzle and as ALWAYS, your charming artistry!

  2. 2 hours and 4 minutes later I am done, it is a work of art! Well done !! :)

  3. Thank you for another great/fun puzzle to work! When my husband talks to me or the phone rings I find myself comparing working puzzles similar to knitting, "just a few more stitches!", but in this case, "wait, wait, this piece goes, here? I'll be right with you".

  4. Thanks for the diversion from my fretting over not having any of those necessary things complete. Enjoyed the challenge of the puzzle and figuring out who made it in this years lovely work of art. Merry Christmas Sara.

  5. 169:05... I didn't want to stop!

  6. I have been having so much trouble with my index/clicking finger that I've only been able to do a couple of my last maybe 12 puzzles. I miss doing them. Glad a few of you made it! I knew that one would be super hard.


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