Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Of All The Things I've Lost...

...I miss my mind the most.  ~Mark Twain

Found it - the picture...  Baba, Rebecca Boone and Renny.

Pretty sheep, pretty background, pretty light.  Funny that I took this pretty picture one day and the next a picture of her wearing a huge rose bush branch with a tuft of wool at the top.  Looking at this realizing I painted her body dark and her 'do light and it's the other way around.  This Christmas card is never going to be finished :-o.


  1. Pretty girl! I live Cotswold bangs/fringe/dreads - whatever you call them, whatever their color.

  2. I love the fringe! Perfect every time!


  3. She should be the leader of the coming years' Cool Hair Club :-)
    That's a great photo, Sara! The bottom one, too!


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