Tuesday, December 20, 2016

There's Always A Bit More To The Story...An Easter Egg Contest

I won't continue on whining about the Christmas card.  Most of them are now in the mail and I've moved on to other last minute/how could Christmas be this weekend (?!?) panic attacks.  Plus, there are new lambs at The Training Center and they are even cuter just as cute as the first three!

In the meantime, there really is always a bit more to the story of the cards, even if only I know what it is.  Turns out there is a name for that - Easter Eggs!  This year there are quite a few stories within the main story.  Some are pretty obvious (Maisie eating the garland), some not so much maybe (the cardinal).  

How many can you spot?  Leave a comment with your found "eggs" and after Christmas I'll have Comby pick a winner and send out a box or two :-).

I'm headed out to "Santa's Workshop", then to check on/check for lambs, go to the post office and when I get back I'll share some new lamb pictures.  Think "mop top"!  Oh, there's nothing cuter... :-D.


  1. No one is commenting? I looked and found the (unnumbered) independent hen. But I do not have any idea from the hint of mop top. Can't wait to find out what the Easter eggs are.

  2. Seriously, I have no idea! lol

  3. I spy Grateful Chicken using Maisie as a step stool!

  4. I think there are 10 stories going on here....

  5. Is it that Miss Maisie is actually in the pen with the others rather than on an "escapade?" Or is that not Hank's good side? He is such a photogenic gent. Oh or maybe that those "cookies" are supposed to be hand fed to them?
    Okay, I'm out but how fun. Merry Christmas anyways🎄

  6. I'm no good at numbers. But I am very good at gushing about incredibly cute lamb photos (sniff! I remember Little Liddie in Auntie Reg's blanketed lap at church on Easter...) "Moptops" - baby Cotswolds?! Yay!

  7. From Jean... For whatever reasons I can't seem to comment on your blog this morning, but wanted to send these along - maybe you can add them somehow

    Easter Eggs:

    So here are my guesses:

    Liddy & Kate – Kate didn’t think Liddy was a sheep if I remember correctly

    Hank – Keeping watch on all his charges – Good Dog Hank – or is he watching those horses more ?

    The Adventure chicken using Maisie as a stepladder

    The Adventure chicken sharing Jester’s lunch

    Betsy shredding the Christmas bow and ribbon

    The neighbor kid at the birdfeeder

    Comby on one of his farm walks

    Buddy eating something that doesn’t look like Cheerios or cookies

    Maisie destroying the Christmas wreath, but being allowed to eat with everyone else

  8. Kate hanging with her favourite sheep Liddy ... and where the heck is Baaxter???
    I love that Hank is #1 !

  9. This was fun! I can't find them, but I enjoyed looking.


  10. I would guess... without adequate coffee, mind you...
    Hank is keeping an eye on those horses.
    Maisie, well it's Maisie! But she's give a step up to her friend the shelf chicken.
    Comby is Liddy's bff and she's watching Kate & Liddy.
    Ford and Jester are enjoying time outside of Del Boca Vista eating cookies - they all are!
    Levi and BW are bff's.
    That's all I got, I know there's more - Need.More.Coffee. Less.Stress.
    It's a GrEAt Card!!,

  11. Miss Tilley is sneaking food under the table, isn't that how she got over fed at one of the parties?

    And Amelia is hanging out with the sheep rather than the cool chicks?
    I'm grasping at straws but it sure is fun.

  12. The unit - we can't leave out the exciting new unit addition to the family :-)

  13. I just love seeing your new card! And I love learning something new - - a new meaning for Easter eggs. I think the part "even if only I know what it is" is the key here . . . .


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