Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More Christmas Lamb Camp!

A pile o' lambies!

Look at that adorable little mop top :-D.

Mom kisses :-).

And a set of twins.

These two are interesting.  The one in the front is coal black with long curls and the other has short, tighter, finer, tiny curls...and I don't think she's black.  I think she might be dark gray.  Will be fun to watch them grow up.  As soon as they move outside I'll try to get a better comparison picture.


"I'm right here."

Love the eyelashes :-).

*     *     *     *     *

There have been a few good guesses on "the rest of the stories".  A couple are still missing.  Both occurred during this past year...


  1. I love the little guy with the height lights of black around the eyes. May have to come home just to snorgle the little guy. Christmas lamb Christmas lamb Christmas lamb!!!!!

    1. Oh, Auntie Reg, please snorgle those lambs for me. Virtual snorgling.
      Thanks for the wonderful photos, Sara. Little lambs curled up around each other are so sweet.I
      wouldn't wonder if you don't "accidentally" come home with MopTop after she's old enough to leave her mum.

  2. I love that moment when you're photographing the lambs and mummy comes into shot to check on them. So darling. :)

  3. I just love the locks on the little "rock star"! You take the best photographs!

  4. Lamb Snorgling! Exactly what I needed!

  5. Just too adorable! Love the little lambies and momma.

  6. Oh so cute!! What could be better! :)

  7. They all look great! Can't wait to see how the fleeces turn out. What a lovely lambing set up. Clean, roomy... it's what everyone should aspire to. Have fun!

  8. They are all SO precious ~ Great photos! If they grow up with mamma's lashes and those amazing fleeces... wow!

  9. Reading your blog and reveling in your photos is what makes me get out of bed in the morning. The thought of sheep, Hank, the adventure chicken, the cats, all your farm creatures and the beautiful views all around, as I sip my coffee. Ah, a perfect way to start each day. Thanks for enriching my mornings. Warmest holiday wishes in this glorious season.

  10. Awwwww. Thank you for sharing the lambies with us. Ever'body needs more lambie pics.

    Love the way one triplet is black, one is white, and the other is black and white. Love the white topknot on the black and white one......


  11. I agree with Glenda, thank you for sharing the lambs, the sheep, the farm, the animals, the fleece. Have a great holiday, Merry Christmas and may the New Year be truly wonderful


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