Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yarn Along - The Knitting Bag Of Horrors

If you don't have good knitting to share, post a picture of your cat new favorite bag :-).

I have been trying to knit, but have not been happy with anything that I've worked on.  I did knit and mostly finish (just to feel like I could finish something I'd started :-o) the Baa-ble hat, but it's headed for a frog and re-knit.  I messed up one of the colors (no big deal) and was sloppy with my floats behind the sheep (a medium size deal) and it doesn't fit well (a big deal).

I then started a new shawl from the same designer from the Tales from the Isle of Purbeck shawl. When I knit the Purbeck shawl, I really didn't think I'd ever wear it, but during my camp out last fall I wore it almost every night.   I couldn't believe how warm it was even with all the lacy holes and I was hooked.  My only complaint is that it's a hair small.  

I love the look of the Stories from Snoqualmie Valley shawl and thought if I knit it with the worsted weight Lamb Camp yarn instead of the pattern's suggested DK weight, I'd get exactly what I wanted - a big, warm, smooshy shawl.  

I cast on using a new (to me) cast on technique that I liked, picked the fun pattern up pretty quickly and knit a couple repeats and decided my yarn overs were too loose and my cable too tight.  It may very well block out okay and I'll definitely try it before I frog it, but I sure don't want to knit on [without] confidence*, so...

...time to post another picture of my bag and the always not helpful Eli ;-).  

There is a story behind the bag.  My mother-in-law found a beautiful vintage "make a sheep" pattern/kit stamped onto material and gave it to me for Christmas awhile back.  I didn't think to take a picture, but I did find it online.  Does anyone remember these fun patterns?

I knew I'd never actually get around to making the two sheep and goodness knows I really don't need any more stuffed sheep, but you can always use another knitting bag so I sent it to Amy Klee at Stone Edge Fibers and asked her to work her magic.  If this adorable bag doesn't inspire me to knit, nothing will!

Look at all the inside pockets.  And notice that it's big enough to hold not only the Baa-ble Hat (in the green bag) and the Snoqualmie shawl...

...but also the Adama cowl that I decided was about as no-fail/confidence building as possible, so have now cast that on as well.

"That bag is sure getting a lot of attention!"

And that's exactly why I'm knitting on the other side of the little fence.  In the sun.  Without a hat or gloves.  In February.  Sigh...

You can see my sloppy floats in the the big white sheep.  I can do better.  And by doing better at that, the circumference will fit better.  The you think I can eliminate the first couple rows of stars?  The white at the bottom was supposed to be brown, so I think changing the symmetry of the two "lines" of white above and below the sheep won't be too noticeable. 

One last Graham pic.  I'd forgotten I'd taken this, thinking how clever that I got a picture of him checking out his hat.  If I'd known then what the future held, I'd have opened that stupid gate and let him frog the hat himself.  One of my all time favorite Graham posts was another time he came in there and wreaked havoc on my knitting.  I'd give anything...

Okay, a picture to (try to) make us all laugh a little.  "I love the yarn and the colors are perfect, but can you believe the sloppy knitting job?!?"  Not to worry, Blossom, it's only knitting.  It's always fixable.

I just started Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson.  Seems that I've been in a "reading" slump as well.  How's things with you?

Joining in with Ginny...

*"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."  Elizabeth Zimmermann


  1. Yes I remember that post about the was a great blog post! Remember the smiles not the frowns:)

    I like your hat...yes less stars and a little bit larger and it will be a keeper.
    Sending you a hug:)

  2. I think you shawl looks great! Mine is finished and I've work it a few times. Love it. Good luck with the next hat.

  3. What an adorable bag :)
    I am busy knitting the baable hat with my local knitting group as our February project, but I haven't got far enough to recommend anything to you, but I don't see why you couldn't remove the rows of stars without it looking much different.

  4. Okay, I don't speak the lingo but I thought the hat was beautiful. Now I have to read backwards to see what I missed about Graham.

  5. Check out Susan B. Anderson's modifications to the Baa-ble hat. She addresses the sizing issue. Graham was a big guy - in all ways - big hearted, big sized, big personality (and I can hear Tim chiming in with 'big trouble maker'). Graham's sister, Gabby is still chugging along, but not quite the bossy matriarch she used to be. I think I broke the mold with those two!

  6. Your last image is priceless :)
    Your knitting is beautiful- love the hat & colors, that shawl...swoon, so cozy.


  8. I don't know anything about knitting, but I did love your lacy shawl. Kind of a wistful pic of Graham.

  9. I love knitting but I'm with you on the pain of projects not turning out how you want them to. But I like your hat and the color changes. That looks like such a relaxing place to knit, with a peaceful view and the sunshine.

  10. Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."
    HUGS and MORE HUGS. Go bake cake, chocolate with chocolate frosting.............

  11. just wanted to reinforce what I wrote on FB. I read your blog first and all the time. Your blog is more than a cool way for you to document your life. There are those of out here who mostly lurk, but who smile and weep with you. You're genuine and honest and you love your animals, just like us. We love reading about the parts of your life that you share because it's good to know there are kindred spirits in this world!

  12. I remember the story also. It brought me smiles, like most of your posts do. It's terrible cold here 3* at night and only got up to 16* yesterday. I need warmth!


  13. I remember Hank's "You s'posed to be doing that?" and Graham's "Yah, she said it was ok."........ Thank you for sharing Graham (and everyone) with us.

    I'm glad Maisie is ok.

    -- Vicki, crying, chuckling, and sighing along with you

  14. I like your hat, I made three like a possessed knitting woman. That knitting bag is awesome and I love how much it can hold.

  15. I hate it that we have to loose these precious animals whatever they are. But I sure would hate to miss all the joy they bring us. Your blog is wonderful. Now what about a book? That would be great also. Also still loving my coffee cup.


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