Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winner! picked I'm gonna tell Mom :-D.  Send me an email (thecrazysheeplady AT gmail DOT com) with your address and I'll drop your yarn at the post office right away!


  1. Congrats to winner! I spent this morning label surfing Woody and came across a sheep cart you mention has a story and to "keep you on it..." I didn't find anything so maybe it's still a story waiting to be told?

    1. Good catch! Things got so crazy here this fall that I didn't get it all put together and now I'm going to wait until after shearing, mostly so whoever I pick "fits". I got a harness and the plan is to teach Baaxter to pull the cute little goat cart. Had to have new shafts made for it and order special harness...that's still in the box. Of course, once shearing is done, lambing will be in full swing, but I need to get it going before it gets hot, so STAY ON ME!

  2. I won? I won! Woohooo! I am so excited and I cannot believe it and thank you!!!!
    Sending you an email right now!!!!
    Seriously, I am super thrilled!!! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see your hat finished...


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