Monday, October 26, 2015

Things Are Starting To Look Up A Little

The rest is just ridiculous whining.  Thanks to a very good friend, I'll be eating my Cheerios sitting at a table tomorrow!

I am SO looking forward to taking the afternoon off Saturday to enjoy being on the farm and playing with my sheep, visiting with my friends and maybe even doing something that (gasp) involves yarn!  

If you need directions or have any questions about coming out to the farm to celebrate National Hug A Sheep Day Saturday, just drop me an email.   It will be fun.  We promise not to put you to work ;-).


  1. Sorry Sara....I can't make it again. Looks like it cooled off a bit. Only 35 right now and it was 30 this morning.

  2. Looks like someone brought you a trailer probably with a kitchen and a table:)

  3. Now that last one is funny........I was just thinking , WOW, fast do-over!!

  4. Trailers are arriving!! :)


  5. Glad you are coming down the homestretch. It is a pain remodeling, but you won't regret it when it is done (hopefully).

  6. Wish I could be there to hug a sheep!


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