Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy (Inter) National Hug A Sheep Day!


"Are you coming out to to the farm today to bring us cookies hug a sheep?"


sophy0075 said...

And Happy Hug a Sheep Day to you, too, Liddy (my, how you've grown - I remember you snuggling in a lap at church as a little [ahem - liddle!] fluffball])! And to Baaxter, and crazy Maisie, and all of your other ovine step-siblings, and Hank, and Comby, and Betsy, and Eli, and the Adventure Chickens. Oh yeah, and to your Mum and Saint Time and Auntie Reg. I hope you get a lot of cookies - oops, I mean hugs. Honestly. Um. Hugs.

Ruth said...

Happy Hug a Sheep Day to you too Liddy! I wish I could come and hug you all! *hugs*

Terry and Linda said...


Susan said...

What a gorgeous face! Hope weather is good, just checked, only 15% precip and 'everyone' is wearing wool so NO problem!

LannieK said...

I SO wish I was there!
Next Year ~ treats from Colorafo Sheep Camp :-)

Alice said...

Gosh Liddie! Is this your first hug a sheep celebration??? I hope you enjoyed all of the attention and treats 😍

Lisa Smith said...

Oh Liddy, it's at the top of my Bucket List, for sure! You have grown into such a beautiful young lady sheep! I hope you received lots of hugs and lots of cookies. :-)

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