Monday, November 16, 2015

2016 Calendars - Updated To Include A Giveaway :-D

Hey, at least it's still 2015 for a few more weeks! I could be even further behind than I am...scarily ;-). Without further ado, the 2016 Equinox Farm and Lamb Camp calendars!

I love looking back at the year and picking some of my favorite pictures for each calendar. I'm very happy with both.  The farm calendars are 8 1/2"x11" and the Lamb Camp calendars are 6"x9".

*       *        *        *        *

Equinox Farm Calendars

I had a choice between two pictures of Comby this year - one awake and one asleep.  For the past several years I've used a sleeping picture of Comby.  Comby, the hardest working cat on the farm. Would this year be the year he'd be awake?  Nope.  I couldn't do it ;-).  What started as a coincidence has become a tradition.

I love pictures that make me laugh out loud like Hank laughing at Saint Tim and Liddy riding around in the truck :-D.

Keebs probably isn't laughing...

But 20 sure is!

Those silly boys. You cannot look at a picture of Baaxter wearing a mustache and cowboy hat and Woody in his Indian headdress (that looks more like a turkey) and not laugh.

And a loving laugh :-).

*       *        *        *        *

Lamb Camp Calendars

Cheeky lambies.

Sweet lambies.

Sleepy lambies.

Kissing lambies.

And snorgly lambies.

*       *        *        *        *

We'll do it basically like we did last year.  Equinox Farm calendars are $12.50 each and the Lamb Camp calendars are $10.00. Shipping this year (to the US) will be a flat fee of $6.10 using a Priority Flat Rate Envelope.  For the most part this won't be a significant change in price from last year.

If you are buying just a small Lamb Camp calendar and you live in Lexington, I will do my best to dig out find my smaller plain envelopes and charge you the actual shipping costs, probably around $4.50. Everyone else will be pretty close to the actual costs using the USPS envelope and it will make things so much easier in the midst of chaos around here this year :-o.  

If you'd like to order one (or more), just send me an email with what you'd like and your shipping address. I'll send everything out with an invoice and a return envelope and you can drop a check in the mail upon receipt.

The padded Priority Flat Rate envelopes will hold three farm calendars - for approximate scale.

Shipping overseas last year was not as expensive as I feared.  I'm happy to get a quote for you. Likewise for Canada.  

There are also Lamb Camp note cards, Christmas cards, drop spindle the farm shop if you are interested.  I'm hoping to get the Lamb Camp yarn added to the shop tomorrow.

So how is the chaos coming along?  Not too bad.  We are very happy with our contractor.  He's doing a great job and working hard to get us back to normal as quickly as possible.  Old farm houses... Fingers crossed that we'll have a full size hot shower by this weekend!

Bathroom tile is going up tomorrow.  Cabinets and counter tops, appliances, flooring have all been ordered and scheduled for delivery and install.  It's time to pick paint colors.  We are still a few weeks out from finished, but I can almost see a hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get my own work caught up and hopefully even touch some yarn this week!  I've been so fried that I haven't felt smart enough to even tackle plain stockinette stitch.  Sigh...

*      *      *      *      *

Yesterday afternoon when I was taking calendar pictures and thinking about my post I planned on doing a calendar giveaway.  By 10:30 when I was actually sitting down at the computer I completely forgot. So, here goes.  

I think a lot of us have had a pretty crazy year.  I'm glad so many of the pictures I picked for the calendar seem to have a 'make you laugh' quality.  It was just a coincidence, but if at the end of the year you are still laughing, you're doing alright :-).  

Tell us something in comments (or via email if you are having trouble commenting - what is going on with that?!?) that happened this year that made you laugh.  I'll have draw a winner on Thursday at noon.  I'll wait until after that to ship out any calendar orders this week so if you ordered one and then won one...  You do not need to order a calendar to enter!


T.L. Merrybard said...

I love your choice of pictures! I can't justify the postage to Oz this year with hubby in a bit of a work break but oh I want to. :)

Amanda said...

Hoping the rest of your renovation goes well! We just found out from our contractor that our bathrooms will be gutted on January 2. At least we will make it through the holidays in some sort of normal, though if I hadn't been dreading the whole thing I could have had them done before! I hate change. :| I adore your calendars!

Susan said...

Oh yes, Must have calendars............HOT'll probably need one by then hahaha

Lori Skoog said...

What's so funny? All the laughs we had when you and Saint Tim were here.

Richdog said...

I'll tell you what made me laugh this year, to find myself actually arriving at Equinox Farm after reading about it online. It was as if after reading a novel I found myself stepping into it in real life. Sara was real, Maisie was real, Graham Lamb was real, in fact, the entire farm was real! What a delight!

Karen Battersby said...

So many good laughs...My Favorite Sheep, Maisie always gives me a good laugh. But I'm also thinking of a certain cat who couldn't get into my room in the middle of the night with a very special present for me...that really made me laugh.

Sandy said...

Not a very humorous year here, I am afraid...that is why I am so thankful for your website! Your writing and pictures never cease to make me feel good...even a gutted kitchen (because at least it isn't mine =o). Thank goodness for those numberless squares on your calendar for extra pictures...I don't know how you could narrow down a years worth of great shots to just 12!

Lisa W said...

2 things that made me laugh - getting a talking to from Sara for being too affectionate with Kate (I know it wasn't supposed to be funny,but the way she begged for more snuggles from me even after we got a talking to was pretty good) - and, still making me laugh, continuing to Hug A Sheep even after being knocked down by one earlier in 2015. Sheep Rock!


Oh dear I have to think about the laughing part--I know that I have had lots of happy moments--but to actually laugh about something that happened to me--but then I do often laugh at myself when I spill something and have to clean it up--or drop something--not sure why I laugh at myself but I do!!!
love your photos and can I ask you a question--who prints your calendars for you??? I have tons and tons of photos of flowers, lakes, and now that I moved to Florida--river and sunset and sunrise photos that I would love to do something with--
thanks and have a fab day of laughing--smiles, di

Heather said...

I just got a good laugh from: "getting a talking to from Sara for being too affectionate with Kate!" But she deserved it, right?!

janna e said...

I'm actually laughing right now at how many people have been scolded for giving Kate too many snuggles. Seems like the problem here is Miss Kate.

sophy0075 said...

I don't know which photo I like best - snorgly lambies, Liddy lamby, or Baaxter and Woody in their Halloween costumes.

The "laugh" of 2015 - why, it would have to be the photo of Liddy lamby in Auntie Reg's lap at church while you played the organ. I told my priest we need a lamb at church. (So far, he has not agreed.)

Jean said...

I've been blessed to laugh a lot this year -- but most recently at a craft sale a few weeks ago I came across a decorated glass block that stated: "God made us best friends because He knew that no woman alive could survive us as sisters!". I promptly texted that to my best friend, we continue to chuckle about it.

Windswept Farm said...

Sometimes you have to laugh, like when the ewe backs up to the woven wire fence to be serviced by the ram way before you planned.

Bandon, Oregon said...

Every time I see your sheep photos... they always bring a smile and a tug to my heart.... Thank You.... Faith

thecrazysheeplady said...

Uh oh, I don't remember this. I can't imagine I'd scold anyone for being too affectionate to sweet Kate! Wondering maybe if you were scolded for letting her be too affectionate (i.e. climbing all over you) with you ;-).

thecrazysheeplady said...

I have to think this was more of a "mind your manners, Miss Kate" situation. I've since given up any sense of control of that situation with the guys working on the house. Not only do they dote on both girls, but I'm thinking there may be some hamburgers involved as well ;-).

thecrazysheeplady said...

Awww, you made my day :-).

The Green Dogs said...

Beautiful calendars! :)

I laugh at a lot of things, but this year I've laughed most at the antics of Blue Belle, my first pony, and Suckie the sheep. Even to look at them, they make such an odd couple. Such characters. They always make me smile. :)

Jean said...


Lisa W said...

Well, YAY for those guys working on the house - they must be good ones to dote on both girls!

Lisa W said...

Welllll, I think I was paying a lot of attention to her, including chatting to her a lot (doesn't everybody have long conversations with their animals?) - and thus she sort of glombed onto me. I don't think she was climbing all over me ... wellllll ... maybe once or twice just to get my attention so we could chat more.

Tyche's Minder said...

Alpacas running. Sheep jumping. The bigger the sheep the better. Johnny Blue makes me laugh every time. Love that sheep. :)

LannieK said...

Beautiful calendars!
There were quite a few smiles within 2015 ~ from craziness and friends that helped build a greenhouse (omg!), our silly cats, smiles while expanding these spinning & fiber adventures, and...This little space on my tablet that is SO amazing & full of Smiles! The joy that starts my days full of beauty, inspiration and the cutest critters EVER ~ to all the others that join Sara right here for those smiles )))hugs((( and :-D to all!

Mrs Shoes said...

I love the calendars (the photo of sheep face full of snow gave me a giggle & is my favourite! I really like that you fill all the extra day spaces on your calendars with extra photos.
Renovating is nerve wracking, so here's hoping you run into no major setbacks, he finishes on time, on budget & leaves you in love with your house again.

Gail said...

I love your favorite picture is the lamb being held by someone in a red coat! My honey passed away in July after a 3 1/2 year battle with leukemia....more sad times than funny. But of course there are joyful funny moments! I really want to enter....I would enjoy one of your calenders! As I think through the day....if those joyful memories appear....I will reply to my comment. Blessings to you from Kansas!

Amanda said...

My friend's little 3 yr old made me laugh so hard the other day when he said that his dad took him to a college basketball game where they "watched the girls shake their things." He meant pom-poms, but it didn't sound that way!


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