Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Look For A Different Perspective

It's sure hard to beat a foggy fall sunrise.  The sun is coming up over Stella's hill and shining left to right through the scene.

All the darker green paths were from sheep feet swishing through the dewy grass.

Most of the flock had already gone back to the barn.  Hank stays out with the stragglers.  This is a pretty picture too, but without the "magic" of the first shot.  I'd moved over to the right, just past the end of the arena.  The sun is now shining more towards me, shading everything it hadn't reached yet.

Another pretty shot, but if you look close, there is a hint of sunlight peaking through Hank's hair on the left (or his right).  That's what I want, the sparkle :-).

I moved back over to the left so the sun really glistened through the grass and leaves.  I love this picture of Daniel.  Click to biggify. Or don't.  Is anyone else having issues with blogger this morning?

I wish I'd taken this picture "landscape" (wider rather than taller).  Hank was obviously looking over at his other sheep and I missed the moment.  The huge amount of blurred out grass at the bottom of the pictures was so distracting that I cropped it off.  I think I was walking over to the left to take the Daniel picture and just shooting on the fly, but still...

Two things.  Move around and use the light to your advantage.  Also, I take lots of pictures. Sometimes I get one that I really like.  Mostly I take a lot of pictures ;-).


  1. What lovely photos--and thanks for the photo tips--I will try some of them the next time camera and I got for a walk--
    smiles, di

  2. That first picture is soooo beautiful. :D

  3. Very nice! Yes you must chase the light and sometimes it changes really fast. Well done:)

  4. Beautiful shots and I think that first one looks like a painting.

  5. Yep; lots and lots of pictures....

  6. The key to beautiful photos isn't just lots of shots, it's great subjects. You are blessed to have these - and sparkles to boot!

  7. Saw your/Hank's sparkles.........nice.

  8. That first picture is magic. Love the Hankmeister.

  9. Wise advice for all we keen amateur photographers. and lovely pics. That Hank, so photogenic.

  10. Lovely atmosphere. Fall is my favorite season.


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