Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Hug A Sheep...Or Else!

To most people, this looks like a sweet adoring sheep staring up at her beloved shepherd...who nearly killed herself trying to save the sweet adoring lamb's life.  But people who know Maisie...

"Maisie, don't you do it!" (watch her tail swish :-D)

"I mean it!"

"Don't make me have to paddle your ornery butt in front of all these people!"

See?  When I say she's a little brat, I'm not kidding!

Now look at the look on her face as she gives Woolliam the ole stink eye.  He could care less...and she knows it.  But you can see by the look on my face that I know what's coming.

And that would be Maisie...coming to discipline me for scratching on another sheep!  I'm already starting to "get away".

Around and around she "chased" me.

Until I came to my senses and went back to scratching her back.  Now the look on Woolliam's face is priceless ;-).

It looks like we participating in a nice mutual Hug A Sheep moment, mother and daughter, sheep and her sweater.

But again, anyone who knows Maisie can tell by her wrinkly mouth that she's chomping mad...again.

"Awww, there's the sweet girl we all know and love ;-)."

Thanks Amy!  These are great pictures of a classic Maisie Moment!


  1. When we get to know our sheep from daily care and enjoyment of watching them it is easy to be ready for whatever quirky behavior they'll show. Wonderful pictures, love this post. ( Maisie is a pretty girl )

  2. I just love Miss Sassy Tail. And I know that you know, it's that it's due to that attitude of hers, along with some amazing around the clock care that By her equally determined "Mommy" that Maisie is even alive.

  3. If only I had a sheep to hug....however I can virtually hug one through you, right?? Love the outfit and the sheep :) :)

  4. I think she is a wee bit jealous!

  5. I had such a great time capturing all of those "must have" moments during the weekend! It is always a treat to come stay on the farm, even if it is in a camper...what an adventure! Good friends...good times....priceless.

  6. Love the series of photos. And remember, when she's sweet she SO makes up for being such a pill some of the time!

  7. She is just TOO funny. She was trying to decide whether to butt you or kick you. She could never play poker - you know exactly what she's thinking and it usually has four letters. haha. Awesome outfit, BTW! You are THE most stylish shepherd ever!

  8. I have a Leo that might be a match for Miss Maisie.

  9. What an exciting week at your place!!! As soon as I saw the first picture of this post, I thought, "The Maisie Sweater!" What a little toot she is! Haha! Wish I could be there to hug all the sheepies! :)

  10. A little toot? I was thinking PIECE O'WORK ! LOL and Sheepmom was right.........no poker for her and you look GREAT!
    That tail is a dead give away...like I'm thinking what I can do next.

  11. I have finally had a tiny break in the chaos of the new farm and all the produce we got to preserve. I have spent it catching up reading my favorite blogs! You have been so busy and the sheep look wonderful. Maisie is special and such a character!

  12. Sweet (not so) little Maisie! :-). I love the hat and the sweater very much. The sheep warm us in so many different ways. Beautiful.


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