Friday, November 13, 2015

Everyone Shines

"Everyone shines given the right lighting."  Susan Cain

Even Buddy, who's never had a glamorous day in his life.

Super cute (and sweet), yes.  Glamorous, no ;-).

And then there's Beanie Baby, who doesn't have much going for him except his good looks and fancy fleece.

Daniel, the complete package - sweet, cute, kind, handsome, soft, shiny...  Not that I pick favorites ;-).

Another favorite, Renny.  And no, I haven't started knitting her sweater (or Baaxter's) yet :-(.  I'm hoping today is my last super crazy day.

The glamour couple - Baaxter and Blossom.  I don't think Blossom was really that into having a "boyfriend", but Baaxter was pretty sure she was ;-).

Speaking of Baaxter, he got a nice feature on the Wovember website yesterday.  And Maisie, too. If you aren't following along, you really should.  What a fantastic celebration of sheep and wool!


  1. Your sheep photos always brighten my day. I love all these personalities. Hope you get to your knitting soon and that the house renovation is going well..

  2. Lovely quote! And brilliant lighting for all your lovely sheeps. :)

  3. Great pictures. All of your sheep are sweet ( maybe) Whats you mean lazy super crazy day! The remodeling done. :-0

  4. They are definitely all shining in these pictures! ❤️πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ’š

  5. Thanks for brightening my day! It seems like such a sad day, reading about the senseless violence that has happened in Paris and knowing that so many families are heartbroken this morning. Thanks for the uplifting post.

  6. I love how you showcase their individual beauty, so so so pretty !

  7. Thanks for highlighting the members of your flock who don't seek out center stage. (Of corse, you then referenced Baaxter and Maisie- no reticence ascribable to either of them!)

  8. Ha ha, sophy0075 says it again........ The November calendar shot is melancholy, like our weather. Renny is wonderful and Buddy, he's like pig pen in the Peanuts cartoons and Loveable!!


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