Tuesday, August 11, 2015

As The Storm Blew In

The evening started out normal enough.  I love to sit out in the field at the end of the day. Sometimes Hank and I sit together on the gravel.  Sometimes we walk down to the creek.  Last night I was sitting with my back to the waterer by the gate while he covered things from the hill.

I took several videos of the sheep grazing, listening to the birds going to bed, the cicadas whirring. They were all terrible.  I had the heavy zoom lens on the camera and I couldn't hold it steady.  I'll try again tonight because it really is peaceful.

From the top, Murphy, Daniel, Clover Belly (not normally in the late grazer crowd?), Maisie.  Front row Hershey, Woody and Renny.

All's quiet and Hank doses off...until out of the blue the skies darken, the wind picks up and thunder starts rumbling in the distance.

"Okay, I'm outta here."

We are fortunate that Hank feels secure ducking into the barn during storms.  In fact, not only does he go into "his stall", but he also has a big insulated dog house in there that Tim built for him last winter. He hides in there even when it's 90 million degrees.  

Many dogs are so afraid of storms that they'll panic and bolt and can travel several miles before they stop.  If you ever find a guard dog or border collie (or any other dog really) running around after a storm looking confused, don't immediately think they've been dumped.  Check with your local and not so local vets and animal shelters.

The view behind me.  That orange glow just behind our house (you can see the chimney sticking out) was sure eerie.

Up Stella's driveway.  Yes, that's a sheep on the bottom of the photo.  They stay out as long as they can stand when there's food involved ;-).

Clouds over the barn.

The horses head for cover.

Which finally sends the sheep up the hill.  Except Graham, still out grazing by himself in the next field.  I have no idea why he went out there when everyone else was in the front.   We frequently don't know why Graham does what he does ;-).

"Is this really necessary?"

This was about when the rain started so Liddy and I took cover in the barn and got stuck in there for 20 minutes before I decided it wasn't going to let up any time soon and sprinted for the house.  What an odd summer.


farm buddy said...

Unlike Scout and Kelsey, Bess is totally oblivious to thunderstorms and will stay outside in the rain and play! I am glad that wise Hank knows better!

Alice said...

I'm surprised that the thunder didn't make everyone bolt inside! Glad that you're all safe and sound.

Michelle said...

It has been an odd summer. I always love the light a good storm brings to photos. Our Australian Shepherd doesn't like storms and hides out under the bed, even though he has to squeeze under there.

Mary Ann said...

Scary clouds!

Henny Penny said...

I just LOVE Hank. Those are serious looking storm clouds! We had a sweet Lab several years ago who would take off running during a storm, if we were both at work. We always found her and brought her home.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

We had a storm just like that today making my power blink on and off for hours. Love your photos!

karen said...

that is quite the storm! Believe it or not, Frodo is not afraid of thunderstorms. We lucked out! We haven't had a big storm in quite a while and for that I'm glad, because our electric goes out and then I'm pouting about it.

Unknown said...

WOW. I found a great remedy for my dog who is terrified of thunder but would chase a moose........this stuff really works.

sophy0075 said...

Love your photos. Yesterday was one of the few days this summer we didn't have a storm. It's probably heading east - our way.

If I paint the patio concrete, or spray weedkiller on the weeds, you can bet it will rain.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, yes...Fuzzy would bolt and I would find him MILES from home. I'm glad Hank 'heads in'


Shirley said...

Tess is my barometer. I know a storm's a-comin' when she starts leaping up and down at the door.
Beautiful photos. Storm light is almost as good as morning and evening light.


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