Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The 2013 Tour de Fleece

It's that time of year again :-D.

This year's team captain, by popular request, will be Blossom. I'd probably have stuck with Petunia for a couple more years, but I'm unoriginal like that.  Petunia seemed a bit bummed about it though so I gave her one of the pretty sheep bells to wear and now she's all "I don't get to be the queen of the Tour de Fleece AND I have to wear a stupid bell?!?"  Actually, I think she kind of likes her bell :-).

Blossom will be a great captain.  The Tour will follow the usual format (from the official Tour de Fleece page):

  1. Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday June 29th through Sunday July 21st. Days of rest: Monday July 8th and Monday July 15th. (Just like the actual tour.)

  2. Spin something challenging on the challenge day (usually the toughest high mountain stage: this year, it’s Stage 18, on Thursday, July 18th, when they climb Alpe d’Huez twice).

And include one extra requirement - naps :-).  Seriously!  Nobody napped in better style than Blossom.  Maisie gave her a run for her money on the couch the past winter, but no one could ever upstage Blossom sleeping on that cot in front of the fan last summer.  We could all learn something from a sheep.  It wouldn't kill us to "take five" occasionally.

"I used to sleep on the cot.  Now I just sleep anywhere I want :-)."

So, once again we'll run a team thread on Ravelry.  If you aren't already on Ravelry, you'll need to sign up (and wonder how you lived without it).  To join Team My Favorite Sheep, just use this link and "reply to thread" and tell us you're joining :-).  If you have a specific challenge(s) in mind, we'd love to hear about that as well.

As the tour progresses, keep us posted (if you'd like) and pictures are always exciting.  At the end of the Tour, if you're happy with your spinning (and napping!) let us know and we'll draw for some fun team prizes.  There are also all sorts of other great groups and challenges and daily prizes through the main group.  It's really a hoot and a great motivation to get some spinning done.  And take a nap ;-).


Rae said...

Well that sounds fun.

Willow said...

Now I wish when I was raising all those Angora rabbits ...that I had learned how to spin. !

Jean said...

I could do the nap portion but the spinning portion -- not so much -- have fun!

Kim said...

Joining again this year. Ready to spin Garfunkel's buff alpaca fleece!

Mary said...

Love this! And Blossom is awesome. Pure royalty! :)

Alice said...

Blossom, I'll follow you anywhere! Off to the tour de fleece it is!!!

Suzan said...

Go Blossom!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Well I went to Ravelry and signed on ... not sure if it's done right, having problems, won't let me post a picture, no way, no how.

I figured now that I bought a second spinning wheel, and still have bags and bags of process fleece, not to mention 25 bags of raw fleece that this would commit me to improve my spinning expertise. We'll see.

Terry said...

I will never forget Blossom on that cot!

Unknown said...

That is a cool shot of Blossom!

Sandra said...

Well I signed up, sink or swim.
I need to move on from calling myself a newbie and this will be a great motivation!


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