Saturday, June 29, 2013

And She's Off!

For the Tour, the TOUR!

Yeesh ;-).

Okay, here's the line up.  My main/overall goal is just to do something with wool every day. 

And by doing that,  making a good dent in the mongo bag of black wool shouldn't be so daunting.  It's a Texel/Jacob cross - to be woven into a throw - Hansen miniSpinner.

The silver is 2 1/2 pounds of Rebecca Boone, to be spun for Auntie Reg - Ashford Joy.

The white?  Why that's Blossom herself :-D.  Three ounces to be spun for socks - probably three ply - wheel TBD.

The orange is some Keebler dyed with walnuts two falls ago - a little over an ounce - various spindles.

Paper bag - 6 ounces of Buddy - to be hand combed and spun into lace weight for an upcoming Iknitarod challenge - Jensen Production wheel.

Missing from photo - Elizabeth - Great Wheel challenge for the Mountain Day - already up at the house...from a previous TdF challenge.  Sigh.


Yes, I finished the knitting portion of my Sheep Heid - a photo finish in the wee hours before the Tour de Fleece started.  Now to weave in a bazillion ends and add the final touches and blocking (my favorite part :-) and THEN official photos. 

Here's the Bag O' Buddy.

I started combing this afternoon.  I'm still loving my Valkryie Combs and I LOVE fluffy Buddy.  Can't wait to start spinning this!

I was concerned that dyed Keebs wouldn't draft like un-dyed Keebs (the way I like) so I ran him through the drum carder to loosen everything up.  Looks good!

SO, didn't do any actual spinning yet.  I'm counting any wool work - washing, prepping, spinning, sampling...  As far as fulfilling the nap portion today...hanging head.  I did sit down and watch a TED talk though over lunch.  I doubt Blossom would approve, but it was sorta restful.  


Oh, my groups are Team My Favorite Sheep, Team Iknitarod, Team Hopelessly Overcommitted...of course ;-).


DFW said...

You are speaking a foreign language to me but it is so beautifully spoken. That fleece looks beautiful & I can't wait to see it spun & turned into yarn that will make garments!

Christine said...

I spun two bobbins full on the great wheel this evening. No nap, but did sit and watch a weaving video so that sorta works the same.

Charlotte Scott said...

I'm with DFW - it's a foreign language but I'm sure I caught a whiff of lanolin. And that spindle is beautiful (I'm presuming it's a spindle!).

Alice said...

What a wonderful selection of wool to spin!
Dont worry about the nap. I took a long one for you.
The hat looks lovely even the small peak you have showing.
Great photo composition as a motivator to get going on the TDF.

Spinners End Farm said...

I am Glad to hear that fiber wash and prep counts because I'm up to my ears in fiber right now! My main goal is to get two skeins of Suri alpaca spun..... a whole whopping eight ounces! You are an overachiever as well as being over committed! :)

Sheepmom said...

I'm feeling a panic attack coming on just looking at what you have lined up for yourself. Egads. I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines. Carry on!

Terry said...

A bag of Blossom! Seems like just the other day she was the baby!

Auntie Reg said...

Wow you have a lot of spinning to. Does not sound like you will have time for a nap. I bring the chocolate /coffee bars over to give you a boost in case you try to nap !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Spin away! Those photos of the soft fleece are beautiful..makes me sleepy:)

Tombstone Livestock said...

You have so much more energy than me. I did fill up one bobbin on the Ashford of Blain's fleece so far before I got off track and in the bushes. It's only been 112 today, this should be a winter activity.

If all goes well I think I will try to spin one of my 3 mohair fleeces I have stashed away for the challenge.

AdrieneJ said...

Oh man, I forgot about Tour De Fleece this year! I better get cracking and set some goals. Keebler is inspiring!

Rae said...

I need to spin. Don't have any sheep, but I have one Shetland Sheepdog that produces a HUGE amount of "wool" this time of year.

MarmePurl said...

I am just dreaming of knitting from any of it, but that walnut dyed Keebler, is especially intriguing. And the pretty. have me motivated. I will get out my plain jane spindle and at least try a bit each day...unofficially of course. But maybe, just maybe, I will get confident enough to consider a wheel.

Lori Skoog said...

Auntie Reg has you covered! Like the others, I am not familiar with the language....BUT I really love what I am seeing in the photographs. You are going to dazzle us once again!

Lady Locust said...

Beautiful! I get to attend a dye-day next weekend - woohoo! I am just learning to spin so I make that 'artistic' lumpy yarn:)

Unknown said...

Everything looks so beautiful! Good luck!

Michelle said...

You're not even SPINNING yet and your photos make me jealous!

Peacecat said...

Man!! You set lofty goals, my dear. All the fleece, so organized and ready for spinning, each assigned to a specific wheel, for a specific project. It's enough to make me go take a nap FOR you!
Good luck in the TDF.


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