Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How Things Work Around Here

So we get a really pretty snow fall.  I excitedly grab my camera and go set up a "photo shoot".

Not wanting to just replicate shots from last year, I set out their morning hay down by some pretty snow covered trees.

Hank brings them out of the barn where they've been laying around eating bon bons and getting completely covered in so much hay and straw that I can barely sell their wool to pay for said "photo shoot".  Don't get me started...

They see How Far they must walk to get their breakfast and head back to bed.

Buddy's hungry enough to stop and rethink.  

"We've got to walk all the way down there???"


And they begin their trek.

And it is So Far.

Up hill both ways...

However, sometimes, when the stars align just so and Graham gets properly distracted by sparkly snow in a nearby tree, Hank can get a little revenge.

And that's how things work around here ;-).

One part of my morning that does actually resemble real work is seeing the neighbor drive up to feed his cows. It's not like I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere, but still, there's something nice about seeing someone else clocking in and out.


  1. I'd say your photo shoot worked! Lots of snow for you....Are you having a Happy New Year so far?

  2. Love that Hank! Just love your storybook tales of life with your ambling crew. Beautiful snow pictures.

  3. Hey Hank! I do that too. And my mom fusses at me. Heehee!

    The perfect snow photos!

  4. Now that's just funny right there. lol. I think that's how it works around here too. :)

  5. Hmmm, I don't see Blossom ... is she still lounging on her cot in the barn?

  6. Haa haa. I love how they were all headed back to the barn. Watch out for yellow snow. hee hee.

  7. O you mean momma! Makin' 'em walk uphill both ways! Poor pathetic creatures!

    lol at Hank...

  8. Please don't tell Maisie about sheep in snow. She'll have nightmares, lol.

  9. Hahahahaha!!
    Your blog today could have made Robert Burns rewrite "The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry", using sheep and shepherds instead.
    The look on their face says it all!!! Great capture!!!

  10. Oh, Hank. You bad boy.

  11. I so love to see your posts come into my mailbox each day. Your pictures and stories about your farm family come to life. Today, I noticed you have a Barn sign on your barn. I quilt and wondered if it was a certain quilt block or had it's own significance.
    Take care,

  12. That is such a FAR way to go! Perfect catch on Hank...

  13. Most beautiful photos and funniest..story..Ever!

    You bring such joy to my days.

  14. I think you earned your hay today, or the sheep did in the beautiful pictures! :-)

  15. Great photos! And ever so much SNOW!


  16. They have on their wool coats - and probably need to stretch their legs!! It's good for them, I would think! Interesting blue decoartion on your barn. Painted??

  17. That last shot is spectacular! Your blog is so beautiful.


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