Friday, January 18, 2013

Crossing Fingers And Toes

I am cautiously optimistic things are improving.  After a rough day and night yesterday, there are signs (little dark brown, round raisinette signs ;-) that maybe the tides are turning this morning.  In fact, Maisie even felt well enough to go out to the barn with me this morning!  There is a cute Twitter picture of her on the Wool House porch. 

She stayed out on the back porch for a few minutes when we got back so I could do a quick stall kitchen cleaning.

Feed bags are a good Maisie toy.

She pushes them all over, back and forth, and they are noisy (which is apparently excellent) if you paw them.

When she came in, she and Betsy checked out the new digs in their "house" and went over and nibbled on some grass and minerals together.  How stinkin' cute is that!


  1. For all of her trouble, she certainly looks round enough in that last photo and are her legs getting a bit straighter? Looks like in the photo, but it's hard to tell.

  2. Her legs have straightened up considerably this last week. I'm wondering if she was allergic to the lamb formula. She's grown more in the week of being on goat milk than much of her first 7 weeks!

  3. I love her toy. Glad to hear good news. Hopefully the goat milk will help her grow big and strong!

  4. Yeahhhhhhh! Such wonderful news to start off the long weekend!! She does look great from this bird's eye veiw (last photo)!!
    You must have to bath her daily to clean her messy bottom!!
    Thank goodness you tried the goat's milk!

  5. Thank Goodness I FOUND the goat milk. I'd tried early on, but it was too early for kids. I'm sure she'd be much better off if she'd had it all along. Sigh.

  6. Round and like a raisin is a good sign..allergies can be so terrible..I hope she is turning the corner ..fingers and toes crossed here are doing a marvelous job with her..way to go! :)

  7. Can't beat goat milk to raise lambs. Maisie does look nice and round despite some bumpy weeks. Hope her tummy will remain happy. And kitties like to nibble grass sometimes, too!

  8. She sure looks good - all legs! I just LOVE that picture of Maisie and Betsy. That is almost too stinkin cute to stand! It's wonderful for all your hard work and long days (and nights) to pay off.

  9. Yeah!! So glad for YOU and Maisie - she is a cutie!

  10. The Maisie & Betsy thing is just so sweet....

  11. I have some frozen goat milk if you need it. I always keep some on hand just in case. I also have some frozen coloasturam (sp). Your little sheepie sure is looking better.

  12. Wow! I'll sure keep sweet Maisie in my thoughts. So glad her legs are starting to get straighter and she's gaining weight. Seems that the goat milk is really making a difference.
    Is it cold down there?

  13. Im just happy that the goats milk is doing its thing, yay goats milk! I bet you'll be able to get better sleep now too! yay goats milk!

    And you can always tell farmers/ranchers/horse people/vets - they are the ones who examine any animal poop while casually stepping over it eating a brownie...

    Yay for "raisinets!"

  14. Finally, a promising sign! Yay for the goat's milk. You just can't beat the real thing. She looks nice and round in the bottom pic. Her and Betsy - I see yet another good book waiting! Now that she's doing better you'll have time! (wink,wink)

  15. What a sweetie! I hope she's better. My fingers are crossed. :)

  16. Oh, I hope the goat milk does it!

  17. I guess the kitchen cleaning answers my question about if Maisie was housebroken. You'd think Betsy would at least teach her about litter boxes ;-)
    Happy to see Maisie is beginning to feel better inside, and also Betsy finally has a friend to snuggle with. What a win-win for both of them.

  18. Yay! And she's growing! She's bigger than Betsy!

  19. Yea, goat milk & all that goes with it!
    You have a wonderful weekend!
    Grow little Maisie, grow...

  20. HURRAH! xoxoxox

    Wondrous news! Amazing how, under the right circumstances, a poop berry can make our hearts sing! :)

    I hate to say, and I know there are those that don't agree, and what do I know as I was just scared, confused and reading too much..... but I heard such bad things about the formula when I was going through this with Darla. I guess maybe it's the weak ones that have a hard time.

    Now see......I'm SO happy to hear that GOATS have a part in Maisie's World! :)

    The Sisterhood will be pleased!

    Please keep posting. Maisie has won the hearts of everyone who knows her!

    *many hugs* for a wonderful and poop berry filled day! :)

    The Goat Borrower

  21. Poop is one of those topics that we sort of take for granted, until we ... can't.

    Then it can eat up our thoughts till we can hardly think of anything else.

    Here's to good poop!


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