Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Going Postal

LannieK, please email me at thecrazysheeplady (at) gmail (dot) com.

Okay, everyone's (except today's orders) calendars went out today.  There ended up being so many (Wow!  Thanks!) that Saint Tim offered to mail them for me so I wouldn't be gone from home too long.  Maisie says "Thanks, dad!" :-)

Here's where things may have gone askew.  I tried to do all this using my iPad to handle the emails. Seems simple enough...  Without going into way more boring detail than anyone wants, everyone's emails with the same subject line (at least this is what I think happened) got lumped together into a long sort of accessible folder.  If you are smart enough to do so.  You see where this is going.  Then, to make matters worse, I see this on my screen today.

All Inboxes?!?

Seriously???  There is more than one Inbox?!?  And why was it just now telling me about this?!?  I found unread emails in there from weeks ago.  Who knows what else is hiding somewhere that I've not been savvy enough to find.  Sigh.

SO...bottom line.  Everything's been mailed.  If you ordered a calendar (or emailed me about something else and haven't received a response) and you don't receive it in a reasonable amount of time, please let me know.

And again, THANK YOU!!!


  1. Don't you just love technology ... Thanks for stepping up there St. Tim, so Maisies can stay home warm, dry and have a lap to nap in.

  2. You are far more diligent than I have been or I would have had the calendar before the New Year and not been writing appts on scrap paper or the back of my hand. Kudos to you and Tim.... you make a great team!

  3. As a fairly new reader of the blog, I keep seeing references to 'inspirational' Renny, is it possible for you to put a link to that story? Looking forward to seeing my new calendars, Thanks, Hannah

  4. Here's a link to a good summary story of Renny's background. You can also follow the labels on the right hand side of the blog. Graham's another good one to look back at ;-).

  5. LOL just LOL

    give it up - time under pressure from technology is not to be fudged with you know ....


    and now you know why feral woman has given up using the term "year"...

    *chuckles as I walks away to check the mailbox for calendars I thinks I ordered LOL*

  6. Did you receive my German postal code? It´s 24326. I´m still hoping to get the calendars...
    Kind regards


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