Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In Case You Missed These

I haven't figured out blogging (the way I want) with the iPad and don't like go into the office to work on the computer and leave Maisie on her own too much because she just doesn't handle stress the way she needs to.  At 6 1/2 weeks, she's still more like a one week old lamb.  

I do realize though that when I don't post, everyone's stressed and I don't like that either :-/.  I try to keep the Twitter feed rolling when I'm not too stressed myself and here are a couple cute ones from the last couple of days.

She still sleeps best on my lap.  Which is sweet.  And how many 6 1/2 week old lambs can you even pick up and cuddle anymore?  Not many ;-).  I'm enjoying it while it lasts, because she is growing.  She's a little over 12 pounds now!

I'd hoped last night that Saint Tim would get home early enough to babysit while I did night barn chores, since while she's feeling much better, she's still not 100% and I really didn't want another set back.  However, he was running late so I had to leave Maisie alone in the kitchen and dash to the barn.  I hate rushing though and worry I'm missing something out there and besides, I miss my big guys.  I wasn't gone that long, but still, as I climbed the porch steps, that feeling of dread started washing over me.  And look what I found!

I don't think Maisie is just a warm body to sleep with.  I think it's more than that.  Remember how Betsy liked to hang out with Blossom when she was a baby?  I had nothing to worry about.  Betsy was On Duty.

Best. Cat. Ever.

This morning Maisie was feeling good and she'd had a good nap (see above) and it was warm and sunny so I bundled her up and told her it was time to visit the B A R N while I fed.  She tootled around for awhile and then with a little encouragement from me that being-outside-is-fun-let's-play-a-little she actually seemed to enjoy it.  And Hank was happy to see her :-).

Best. Dog. Ever.

Yes, her little bottom needs to be washed.  Since she's stopped scouring (the medicine for the tummy troubles caused its own set of problems...of course), that's on the agenda for this afternoon.

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all the calendar orders.  Blown away!  And it has been so nice to chat with some new (and old) friends.  So many kind, caring, funny, animal loving people.  Of course, nothing went out yesterday (the original plan...you know how that goes...).  Most will go out today.  The rest will go out tomorrow as we've had to print more calendars!  Humbling.


  1. More convinced than ever that some angels have fur....

  2. Ah she is so sweet. I am glad she is doing well. I've heard that you can't blog from an iPad no matter how hard you try. You just can't upload pictures. They should really fix that.

  3. I'm so glad Maise is on the mend. Betsy is a gem.

  4. Betsy is as awesome as she is pretty. Maisie is in good company there. What are you going to do when Maisie gets too big and HAS to Move to the BARN .... you going back out to the cot or is Blossom still sleeping on it. Give Maisie, Betsy, Hank and even Blossom an extra hug. Take care, stay warm.

  5. Always - too cute!!
    Betsy is the best babysitter!

  6. I am SO glad Maisie is getting better! Thanks for the Twitter updates; this is the place I go to when there is no new blog post:-).

    Looking forward to receiving the calendars.... two of each are going to Europe:-)

  7. whhhaaa?

    Isnt this the same cat from last month who went into spastic cat exercises early in the morning and was regulated to outside???

    Oh be careful - that one is one of those smart cats alright...before you know it she'll be online with Maisie while you are in the barn, telling her "its okay, mom said I could order all the treats we need for the next year...but lets keep it a little secret, shall we? we dont want to ruin the surprise"
    *tapping little maisies head gently with her left sharpened claw paw as her right paw taps out your credit card number...*

    them feral cats are smart you know - theres a reason why they can live outside...

    and calendars? you have calendars? Im going to email you pronto!

  8. That is so cute, a Kitty and her Lamb. They are adorable. I miss my little lambs, they are all grown up.

  9. Sweet!
    I sure do miss my sheep, the next few month are going to be hard,my first time in 5 years with no lambs :(

  10. Love that photo of Betsy and Maisie- best cat ever indeed!
    I had linoleum like that in a house we lived in. If I had lambs they would probably be in my kitchen too.

  11. You are surrounded by sweet things! So glad that Maisie is perking up. (I must say, she has quite a wardrobe). Betsy and Hank sure are great helpers.
    Good news about the calendars...are they all gone or can I still get one?

  12. Relieved! Maybe Maisie will stay a little elf and she and Betsey can be BFFs.

  13. Oh these photos are some of the best ever! I know i 'always' say that, but it's true every time i say it. I love Maisie. Soooo very much. And Betsy.. and Hank.. and...! All beautiful hearts and souls..

  14. Oh dear....the cat and the lamb together in the kitchen is almost too much cuteness for me to take in. But I did :)

  15. Betsy is a good lambsitter..cute photos! Maisie weighs Twelve Pounds!!..she is growing..I hope she keeps gaining:)

  16. Maisie is acquiring quit a wardrobe! I like her red and yellow coat! Kitty and Lamb photos just crack me up! Gus can't figure out what I'm laughing about.

  17. There's a rule about lambs not being in the office? I think it must be an old rule. I looked it up. Lambs are allowed office space.:))

  18. hey...what calendar? What have I missed since being sick myself?
    I want one.....instructions please........
    and i just adore you
    and what you do with your big big loving heart

  19. Where does Masie get all her outfits? She could do a runway show!

  20. Hey, I'm behind! Do you still have calendars? I want one too!

    I can't get over how tiny she is. Betsy is a fine cat.

  21. So sweet! Precious Maisie, wonderful Betsy and Hank. Cheers to you for the care you've given little Maisie. You are something special

  22. I'm glad to hear Maisie is doing better! Like Michelle said in het comment "I'm also convinced that some angels have fur!" Lots of love from Holland!

  23. Whew!
    We were worried. ;)

    What special souls our animals are......

    and the Sisterhood

    ps. May Maise please have a Facebook page so she can join the Sisterhood? (Because we know you must have a lot of *extra* time.......) ;)

  24. Great capture of Betsy and Maisie! Betsy is redeemed from her escapades in the house. ( 'cause girls just want to have fun...)

  25. I'm so happy that Maisie is feeling better. What a grand friend she has in Betsy. I love your blog and seeing all the sheep/cat/dog antics.

  26. Betsy and Hank are special. I love those two pics the best... Of them watching over maisie. It's like they just know she is fragile. Sweet.

    Cindy Bee


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