Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Update From The EODSS

Hello Friends,

It's 29 here, with an update from the Equal Opportunity for Displaced Serta Sheep. Things have really improved here since my last letter. You know, when Saint Tim commented about the fact that I should be proud to be working with such a fine piece of German engineering.

I'm not so sure about the sentiment, but Pam and her friend Carolyn made me this really swell pair of Lederhosen, so at least I don't catch a draft anymore. Then, The Crazy Sheep Lady said I should be able to find something more suitable to replace me as the door prop. So I thought and thought...what would a fine, upstanding sheep pick for a mindless job? Why, acrylic yarn of course!!

So now there is a new door prop and I get to supervise it until it gets the hang of things. Then, I think I will be free to be a true ambassador for EODSS. I've heard that I might get to hit the road and make a few field trips. Anyway, thanks to everyone for their support. Things are looking up for me, and that's how it all happens, one sheep at a time.

29 got to come over this afternoon and visit awhile with 20. He was a bit sad that he'd missed the party, but 20 reminded him that every day is a good day to Hug a Sheep and Wednesday was just as good as Saturday.

They got caught up with all the EODSS news and talked about their new jobs. 20 told 29 about living on a sheep farm, managing the wool house. 29 agreed that it all sounded pretty fun and that it sure beat holding a washing machine door open and how relieved he was to be done with that job and how he was looking forward to being able to do some traveling now and had some plans for the holidays.

29 really liked 20's sweater and hinted that maybe 20 could knit one for him, maybe for Christmas. 20 told him about the super neat sweaters being worn or worked on at the Hug a Sheep Party and all the pretty yarn being spun and promised he'd get some pictures up on the blog tomorrow.

There's always lots to do when you are a Displaced Serta Sheep!


Christine said...

Tell 20 and 29 that 86 says hello. He'd tell them himself but he's busy holding up my knitting books on the shelf.

Alice said...

#29: Have Pam teach you this German song and have her make you a knapsack with nilla wafers in it. They will come in handy.
The Happy Wanderer Song
I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back.
Val-deri,Val-dera, Val-deri,

Eleanor P said...

Oh, my, what a fine time at the farm! I LOVE the lederhosen that Pam and Carolyn made for 29! I hope that 29 learns to sing his song and spreads happiness for EODSS everywhere. Has anyone from Serta even seen your blog? Wouldn't they love the adventures of the sheep! I wish 20 would come and visit me and get his picture taken on Angus or Herbie's backs. hint hint...Hugs to all the sheep, everywhere!

Pam said...

29, I am so happy to see you coming out of the (laundry) closet. You are a sheep of many talents, and who knows what will come your way next. By the way, next time you see 20, tell him to put some pants on. Jeesh.

Anonymous said...

GO Pam! I am sure 20 wants a pair of pants before the snow falls!!!

Sheepmom said...

29 is the epitome of 'haute baa-ture' with that snappy lederhosen. International experience is very important in the job market, and now he has supervisory experience too. 20 and 29 could have a consulting firm together to advise other EODSS.

flowerweaver said...

I'm very happy to see working conditions have improved for #29. And the lederhosen and hat are a very nice touch. That's a perfect job for acrylic, too.


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