Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hug a Sheep Day was loosely based around Punkin's birthday, October 30th.

Best birthday cake decoration ever! Like there could be anything better than being knee deep in icing, holding a cute bottle lamb. Thanks, Alice :-).

Best first sweater ever? Can we get a collective "Boo, Aaron!!!" Just kidding ;-). Well, about the boo-ing part. It's seriously the first sweater he's knitted.

Gleeanne's hat is beautiful as well. Great pattern, gorgeous color!

Like this - looks like a denim blur. I love this colorway.

Oh, Aaron spins as well. His first time using a wheel.

I think he was spinning and knitting (two mittens at the same time no less) all at the same time. He's like his own one man fiber festival, eh?

More gorgeous colors.

Pretty stitch markers.

And a silly corgi. You can't count on Weaslie for much, but she's a darn good foot warmer :-).

What a nice afternoon!


Michelle said...

Color me jealous of a LOT of things in this post! (-;

farmlady said...

HUG A SHEEP DAY?? I didn't know... what fun! Would anyone mind if I hugged a goat instead. Don't have any sheep... but I'll pretend.

Aaron's sweater is really handsome. He's making us look bad. This kid is a spinning and knitting phenom. I need to try harder.
... and yes, everyone needs a silly Corgi foot warmer. I have two of them.
Great post...

Bee Lady said...

Oh my that sweater...LOVE IT. That blue yarn...LOVE IT. That Corgi! LOVE IT!!!!

Cindy Bee

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love Aaron's sweater. But the corgi stole my heart!

small farm girl said...

Yea Weasley!!!!!! Ok, the knitting and spinning are nice too. lol. Beautiful.

Sheepmom said...

Folks going to your place just ooze talent and creativity. Love Aaron's sweater with the side slits! Super for getting your hands in your pockets without having to hike up your whole sweater. I"m with you on 'knee deep in icing.......' :-)
Wish I could have been there.

KatieB said...

Hey! If #29 can wear lederhosen then #20 could have knickers?(to go with his cheese head hat, of course)

Alice said...

So many talents to sit on one porch! It was inspiring to see such beautiful vibrant yarns as well as talented people all together doing their favorite wool artistry. Weaslie likes to schmooze with the best of ‘em.
Aaron is truly a wizard with wool.

Dreaming said...

I am feeling so stupid. Why have I always used plain jane stitch markers (even rubber bands) when I could use a few simple beaded do-whoppy things?! How much fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

flowerweaver said...

Beautiful display of the craft!


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