Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out....Eventually

Comby, surprised to have lived through a rainy spell without the (bleepin') cat condo. He reluctantly got up...

...and made it as far as the driveway...10' away.

If I hold on to my tail and look really cute, maybe dad will bring the condo out?

Or maybe I'll just sleep here for awhile.


Alice said...

He wants to be near the porch to make sure he's the first one in the condo once it's up. He looks more patient than Eli.

Alice said...

I had the wrong driveway! Glad hes found a place to soak up the sunshine. He is cute no matter the wind or the weather.

small farm girl said...

Poor little kitty. All he wants is to live a warm and comfy life. hehehehe

Barb said...

Cats really know how to 'do' relaxing, eh? Great pics.

Terry and Linda said...

Both your cat photos and posts are a hoot! Love the cats...would love to pet them.



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